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The Bastion of the Aeta – Zambales


The Bastion of the Aeta

Zambales is one of those places that pretty much has it all – untainted forest landscape, the Sierra Madre mountain range, communities that practice living traditions and 107 miles of pure beach. Plus a whole bunch of cool islands and shoals for day trips and quiet camping trips.

The Bastion of the Aeta

The Bastion of the Aeta – Zambales

The province has 13 towns and one city, Olongapo, that are all accessible via public air-conditioned buses from Cubao or Pasay in Metro Manila.

Despite its proximity to major cities, Zambales remains the bastion of the Aeta. They were the earliest Filipinos to migrate to the archipelago more than 10,000 years ago – thousands of years even before the Austronesian migration.

Although the Aetas — also known as Ati, Ata, and Agta — are scattered throughout the Philippines, Zambales has the largest known population. There are several Aeta dialects in the province.

Some Aeta guides hold Jungle Survival classes within the Subic Freeport zone. Perfect if you’re a fan of “Man vs. Wild” scenarios. You could also be lucky enough to interact with the Aeta in their own mountain villages.

Obviously, this will probably happen if you go trekking.

On the off chance that you need to go trekking, you have parts to look over as around 60% of the region is secured in mountains. A percentage of the more well known ones are Mt. Tapulao, Mt. Cinco Picos and Mt. Balingkilat.

Obviously, since you're in the Philippines, there must be a shoreline or a lake some place. Here, there are shorelines with wreck drives, snorkeling choices and even pine-tree lined shorelines like the ones in San Antonio!

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San Antonio is the place you'll locate the beach front town of Pundaquit, the hop off point to Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove. The mountains, pine trees, and waterways here appear a scene more adept for Colorado – with the exception of, it's a shoreline! This special landscape has made the inlets a most loved spot of picture takers. Also, in light of the fact that these are inlets, the water is quiet and the shore delicately inclines. Don't hesitate to set up a portable shelter and continue through to the end, simply don't go searching for a cellphone signal!

Right crosswise over Pundaquit is Camara Island and Capones Island. Despite the fact that both islands are around 30 minutes away by vessel, Capones gets more consideration since it's greater and offers more exercises. You can surf, sunbathe, have a cookout, investigate the distinctive sides of the island, or trek up to the Faro de Punta Capones lighthouse.

Zambales faces the West Philippine Sea, so surfers, hope to get fed here, particularly in San Narciso and San Felipe. These beachside towns don't have a deficiency of resorts, however The Circle Hostel in San Felipe is the hot new thing. It's stripped down to the absolute minimums (think three-level lofts, no aerating and cooling), however hey, you can paint workmanship on the divider, take a stab at slacklining (tightrope strolling), or join the week by week yoga classes.

More remote north in Candelaria, you'll find Potipot Island. What's more, the name is flawless, in light of the fact that it's a charming name for an adorable island. Truth be told, the island is sufficiently minor for you to stroll around it in under 60 minutes. The beige sand is fine and it's ideal for sunbathing. Sun excessively unforgiving? Try not to stress, the expansive camachile tree gives adequate shade.

Pine-tree-lined shorelines, untainted timberlands, testing waves, craftsmanship and yoga by the shoreline — all inside of a couple of hours from Manila. Zambales is not to be missed!



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