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Top 5 Weird Foods You Must Try In The Philippines


 Top 5 Weird Foods – Filipinos have a unique palate in terms of food. When you have seen the reaction of a foreigner when eating balut, then perhaps these weird foods listed below will surely give you a finger lickin' good.

Top 5 Weird Foods  – Besides the traditional street food goodies, the Philippines has some other exotic foods composed of pests that normally will not eat. Below are  the top 5 weird foods in the Philippines.



1.  Crickets Crickets found in the garden, usually not considered as harmful pests in the mentality of the Filipinos. If they found them, they will grab their spatula as well as frying pan rather than spraying them with pesticides. Indeed, crickets are delicious treats for Pinoys. The heads, legs, and wings are removed before cooking. So after cooking, you will see a delicious, crispiness on the outside, and soft texture on the inside.


Top 5 Weird Foods


2.  Snakes To local people of the province, snakes are also a delicious treat. Many Filipinos spend time searching for snakes all around. They are indeed delicious when grilled, adobo style, and roasted. The taste is like a chicken when cooked.

Top 5 Weird Foods


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3.   Rats If you are thinking of the domesticated rodents in your homes such as sewer rats. you are wrong! We are referring to farm rats living in the wilderness. They are clean of course and so are viands picks in provincial areas. Amazingly, they taste like chicken too!

Top 5 Weird Foods

  4.  Frogs One more Pinoy dish which tastes the same as poultry is called frog. Similar to snake as well as rat, this can be grilled, roasted, or perhaps fried using breading mix to appear just like chicken legs. Simply watch out for their reaction when you served them with frog.

Top 5 Weird Foods

5.  Snails Snails found in the garden are not good for cooking but farm snails indeed. This can be cooked using coconut milk and it is a delicacy for People from the philippines. Although the meat is difficult to extract, there's one method to do so. Blow gently at the top opening of its shell and the meat will go out in the opening. Use a fork or a toothpick to get the cooked snail out of its shell.

Top 5 Weird Foods

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