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Philippines Waterfalls You must visit

Philippines Waterfalls: For those who love nature and adventure, it is difficult to resist the drama, in a more dangerous occasion. Trekking and occasionally “tax Life”, it just makes stunning views of cascading water thundering down into a calm pool is the Waterfalls In The Philippines.

Discover the Niagara Falls of the Philippines and other waterfalls:

1. Inambakan Falls

Philippines Waterfalls

Cebu is not only known for Sinulog and their famous crispy lechon,it also is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. A relatively unknown is the Inambakan Falls in South Cebu.  This is popular among tourists for diving and whale shark watching, but very small travelers get to notice and swim in the azure waters of Inambakan Falls.

2. Asik Asik Falls (Alamada, North Cotabato)

Asik Asik Falls

Mindanao always has a bad image because of perceived risk in the region. Anyone who gets to visit knows that it is endowed with beautiful natural landscapes. One can find deep in one of his mountainous forest was Asik – Asik Falls.

3. Tinago Falls (Iligan, Lanao del Norte)

 Waterfalls In The Philippines

The Secret Waterfall is another jewel in Mindanao, this time near Iligan City. The crystalline emerald waters and torrential rain water is a joy you can not miss. The cascade of water rushes down to the azure waters below. The waterfall creates attractive tiers to create a mystifying potion.Soak in its cool water to wash down the heat of the day. Visitors can also cliff dive or ride a raft Secret waterfall to experience up close and personal. For the more adventurous, you can climb one of the tiers for a cool picture.

4. Cambugahay Falls (Lazi)

 Waterfalls In The Philippines

The Cambugahay Falls is another destination that intrepid wanderers may experience as they explore the Island of Fire, Siquijor. The falls' blue and cool water as the mysterious island. The visit to this multi -tiered waterfall is the perfect way to cool off the heat after bumming around the pristine beaches of Siquijor. Rush by jumping off one of the waterfalls' tiers or by swinging the water with a vine hanging from one of the trees.

5. Tinuy-an Falls (Bislig, Surigao del Sur)

 Waterfalls In The Philippines

The Tinuy -An Falls in Caraga is called “Niagara Falls of the Philippines. “The wonderful masterpiece of nature is a sight to behold with large amounts of water crashing down amid a backdrop of lush vegetation and rock formations. Feel the power of the falls by riding a raft under his mighty downpour. Visitors can also climb up the side of the waterfall to get a full view. You can also swim in the shallow waters falling. There are huts where you can get a great view of the waterfalls while having a picnic with family and friends.

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6. Ditumabo / Mother Falls (Baler)

 Waterfalls In The Philippines

The Baler is known for its perfect waves for surfing, but the Baler also has an amazing waterfall that every visitor should visit. The Ditumabo falls, also known as the Mother City, is a trick of nature. These towering waterfalls are beautiful from every angle. If you are tired of surfing all day, swimming in Ditumabo Falls is a strong alternative.

7. Buruwisan Falls (Sinil0an, Laguna)

 Waterfalls In The Philippines

While not as popular Pagsanjan Falls in the same province, a trip to Buruwisan Falls is an experience. The trail to the falls Buruwisan is not for the faint of heart. The journey through muddy trails (when it rains) and forested areas is no easy task. But once the visitors have conquered the first challenge of getting to the falls, it is a rewarding experience.

8. Maria Cristina Falls (Iligan City, Lanao del Norte)

 Waterfalls In The Philippines

Maria Cristina Falls is more than just a tourist attraction. The Maria Cristina Falls is one of the main sources of power of Northern Mindanao. The waterfall is situated right next to a power plant and an eco park -Adventure. There are times when Maria Cristina creates a twin fall much to the delight of his guests. The powerful gush of water from the Maria Cristina is an important fount of energy for most neighborhoods in Northern Mindanao.

9. Bomod-Ok Falls (Sagada, Mountain Province)


The Sagada is known for its activities from spelunking mountain climbing to trekking, but in the mountainous region is a waterfall, Bomod – Ok Falls, the nature of -lover’s visitors. Getting to the falls is part of the adventure.

10. Casaroro Falls (Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental)

 Waterfalls In The Philippines

The Dumaguete is known for its delicious desserts and wonderful underwater ecosystem, but for those want an alternate activity they can visit Casaroro Falls. The Casaroro Falls is hidden in a tough trail through a forest and a rocky road. Trek is no cake walk, but for those who manage to overcome the difficult trails, Casaroro Falls is a breathtaking destination.

11. Limunsudan Falls, Lanao del Norte

Limunsudan Falls

Iligan is blessed with numerous and remarkable waterfalls in the Philippines and has been tagged as the “City of Majestic Waterfalls” One of those is the Limunsudan Falls in Lanao Del Norte. This falls is a two tiered waterfall located in Sitio Limunsudan. A beautiful piece of heaven that doesn’t belong to any industrial group but only to Nature. It is one of the most powerful waterfalls , and massive with a water drop of 870 feet. The two tiered waterfall gushing down massive volumes of water with a majestic. What makes this waterfall magical is that the attachment of the community this fall located at. The community’s traditions, and rituals, as told, still similar to how the forefathers of these Higaonons say prayers, pay tribute, and perform their rituals for locals,

12. Sinulom Falls, Cagayan de Oro

You will be easily captivated by this wonderful falls. A wonder from natures that comes out of the walls of a luscious green forest. Sinulom has 28 falls flowing from the walls of Brgy. San Isidro, Talakag, Bukidnon. Sinulom came from the Bisaya word “Sulom” which means black ants. According to locals, the falls was called Sinulom because during World War II, around 1940’s, the area was struck by 9 months drought. And everything was dried up except for the falls, and this becomes the only source of water for the people nearby. A lot of people flock into the falls to do their laundry or get water that when you look at them from the top of the mountain (viewdeck), they look like black ants swarming around the falls, thus the name “Sinulom Falls”.

13.Pulang Bato Falls, Negros Oriental

Pulang Bato Falls

Pulang Bato Falls is indeed a must see attraction, from its enchanting sight and refreshing water. True to its name because the cold and cool waters flow through the naturally reddish of the Red Rock Valley though the falls and river. The falls is surrounded by red rocks itself and thick green forest that is just perfect in the human eyes. Pulang bato is also one of the so called “Twin Falls” of the Barangay Malabo. Pulangbato Fall has a height of approx 30-feet with deep and sloping catch basin. The water originates from the highland of Okoy River Valley at the base of Mount Talinis, a potentially active volcano, however despite the presence of sulfur, bathing in the waterfall is permitted.

14. Niludhan Falls, Negros Oriental

Niludhan Falls, Negros Oriental

Negros Oriental has a lot of waterfalls that you need to visit and it is one of the great way to get closer to Mother Nature. One of Negros Island’s underrated natural attractions, lies hidden amidst its forests and immense sugarcane plantations and agricultural lands in Bayawan town, Negros Oriental. The road rehabilitation is now complete and no more rough road This water surprise is handily situated right beside the road on the city’s northern border connecting Brgy. Dawis to adjacent Mabinay city. A stream feeds the 25-meter wide waterfalls that ends on a 40-meter vertical drop, making the impressive curtain falls. One will witness and capture its full magnificence, that resembles that of the Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, throughout the rainy season or after a comparatively sturdy soaker.

15. Catandayagan Falls, Masbate

There are many amazing waterfalls in the Philippines. Each of them was made/ created beautifully. Traveling to Mindoro, Catandayagan Falls is a must-visit waterfall.  The catandayagan fall is one of the most famous falls in the province of Mindoro. Seeing the force of these waters as they cascade from 60 feet to its base where multi-colored fishes cavort is indeed amazing.

Masbate has also known as a land of many fascinating natural wonders. Visitors who have come from all over the phillipines and outside have been in awe of the breathtaking and wonderful view of the falls. It is a picture of grace and tranquility in the heart of our Nature.

From a distance, Catandayagan Falls merely looks like a huge limestone formation — look closer, though, and you’ll see a fascinating waterfall. The water cascades from the top to a 60-foot drop where it settles in a pool of water so clear — that you can even see multi-colored fishes swimming near the surface. You can ask boatmen to come nearer to the falls so you can experience its cool, refreshing waters. Not only is this place an Instagram-worthy destination, it’s also a great spot to relax, unwind, and meditate. The falls are accessible by boat and are actually part of the nearby Ticao Island, in the town of San Jacinto.

How to get here:

From Legaspi City, one can reach Masbate from the port of Pilar in the province of Sorsogon. From there, motor boats can bring you to the Port of Masbate.

From Manila you can reach Masbate by plane and usually takes more or less an hour




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