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Top 14 Places to Visit in Albay Philippines

Albay Philippines attractions, whether natural or constructed wonders, are easily accessible by private or public transport.With so numerous places to visit and activities to experience in Albay, Albayanos recommend that you start with these must-see attractions.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Albay Philippines

1. Mayon Volcano


The volcano in the world has a cone as perfectly shaped as Mayon. Towering at almost 8,000 feet above sea level, it repose at the center of the three cities and 15 towns of Albay. Mayon’s name was derived from the local word “Magayon,” which means beautiful.
The volcano is one of the utmost active in the Philippines. There have been 49 eruptions since the first documented activity in 1616, with the most awful explosion occurring on February 1, 1814 and killing some 1,200 people in Cagsawa and Budiao.

Cagsawa Ruins

Albay Philippines

One of the ways to enjoy the magnificent view of Mayon is from the Cagsawa Ruins.
The Cagsawa Park is a memorial to the townspeople of Cagsawa who perished for the period of the eruption of February 1, 1814. It is one place where Mayon Volcano looks to be a perfect cone. The bell tower of the ruined Church of Cagsawa, with Mayon in the background, is probably one of the utmost photographed man-made structure in the nation.

2. Ligñon Hill Nature Park


A long and winding road leads up to a circular looking deck constructed on top of a hill in Legazpi City. Ligñon Hill provides a vantage sight of scenic Legazpi City, Albay Gulf, and Mayon Volcano.

3. Vera Falls

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A little over an hour away from Legazpi City is a wonderful curtain of falling water called Vera Falls. It is set amidst a backdrop of diverse flora and fauna within the elaborately forested Mt. Malinao. The cascades of water located at the bottom of a ravine in Barangay Bulang dew drop 25 meters into a crystal clear blue lagoon.

4. Kawa-Kawa Hill


Kawa-Kawa has a concave or cratered top as an alternative of a convex or rounded one. It got its name from this curious shape that resembles a “kawa” or cauldron. Its matchless crater summit, which spans six hectares, has been likened to an amphitheater. This is why Kawa-Kawa is similarly often stated to as “the hill without a hilltop.”

5. Embarcadero de Legazpi


A 105-square meter event center known as the Celebration Plaza serves as venue for conventions, fashion shows, beauty pageants, competitions, and other gatherings.
Further exciting offerings of Embarcadero: 90-feet high skywalk with a view of Albay Gulf, cityscape, and popular Mayon Volcano; 59-feet Climbing Wall and a Bungee Trampoline; 350-meter zipline from a lighthouse; water activities like parasailing, jetski, paddle boat, kart race and Segway rides; and water jeep.

6. Joroan Church


This small church in Tiwi is home to the marvelous image of the Nuestra Señora de Salvacion. Every third Saturday of August, thousands of travelers flock to Joroan Church to pay homage to the patroness of the Province of Albay (Diocese of Legazpi).

7. Danao Lake


The world’s smallest commercially offered fish (Pandaca Pygmea) makes this mountaintop lake in Barangay Danao, Polangui its home. The rare tabios or sinarapan, which is single of Bicol’s indigenous delicacies, is usually cooked wrapped in banana leaves and steamed otherwise in coconut milk. Anglers as big as eels as well as other kinds of fresh water species can also be found here.

Danao Lake is situated 500 meters above sea level and about 20 kilometers away from the town center. It is surrounded by lush and green vegetation where animals graze freely, usually when rice-planting season is over.

8. Japanese Tunnels


This network of subway passages built by Japanese soldiers in Camalig, Albay served as their pathway to the poles apart portions of the province and refuge from American bombings.

The tunnels can be found beneath Mount Quitwinan (oftentimes spelled as Kitwinan), which offers a vantage view of Mayon Volcano and Legazpi City.

Mount Quitwinan occupies portion of the village of Tinago, Mina, Ilawod, Gotob, Gapo and Sumlang in Camalig and even a portion of the adjacent municipality of Daraga.

9. Misibis Bay Resort and Casino


Misibis Bay is a 5-hectare high-end resort beside the southern tip of Cagraray Island in Bacacay, Albay.

Water activities at Misibis Bay contain KAYAKING, banana boat rides, wind surfing, hobie cat sailing, paddle surfing, jet skiing, diving, and sunset cruise. On land, visitors can travel around the resort grounds using the Segway, go on a scenic ride around the island aboard a dune buggy, sort their way to the Eco-Energy Park on an ATV, or zip their way across a 200-meter or a 450-meter line as of the Eco-Energy Park.

10. Cagraray EcoPark


The Cagraray EcoPark is an environment camp on Cagraray Island, which is connected to mainland Albay by the Sula Bridge.It offers escapade activities such as wall climbing and zip line rides.A signature spot within the park is the amphitheatre, which is constructed just near the entrance to the park. Other noteworthy structures are the chapel, hanging bridge, and solar-powered lampposts.

11. Quitinday Green Hills Formation Reserve

We are well aware of the Famous Mayon Volcano in Albay, but besides from that Albay is now becoming famous for its own version of chocolate hills the Quitinday Green Hills Formation that is located in Camalig, Albay. The hills are thought to be a hidden geological treasure of the Province since many locals don’t know about it, although those who travelled by air are being welcomed by the hills,amazing aerial view when their plane approaches the airport.  The hills are being proposed to be called “Pili Nut Hills” because of their pointed hilltops and the richness of pili nuts in the locality of Albay. The amazing hill formation is just an hour away from Legazpi and can be reached by treading roads and highways in camalig. The travel will also give visitors, tourists. Travelers a chance to witness the pastoral environment where locals seem to be residing graciously. A few more minutes climb uphill is a bit challenging however truly enjoying and invigorating, because being in the hills gives magical experience and seeing the lush greenery is like heaven.

12. Albay Park and Wildlife

The park has everything a family, couple or even a solo traveler would need to have an unforgettable and memorable day of fun. The park has over 300 animals belonging to different species, there is a lot to see here. You can also find the rare Philippine Eagle, pythons, deer, crocodiles and a lot more. Albay park has a museum with embalmed animals like two-headed baby Carabao and a megamouth shark. You can take a small boat out on the lagoon,  or even go fishing on designated days.

13. Quitinday underground river

Looking for a thrilling and exciting adventure? 

Quitinday underground river falls offer a tall drop ideal for cliff jumping and has an adjacent 100-meter subterranean river that can be navigated aboard a bamboo raft through Naglaus cave.

The river is kilometers away and located in different towns of Albay. This is nestled in the town of Jovellar of Albay Province. The river gained attention because of social media and instantly became a tourism hotspot since then. The locals say it's their version of Palawan Underground River and Cebu’s Kawasan Falls rolled into one but it’s beautifully made and amazing in its own way. 

The cave is 150 meters long decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, columns and rock formations. The gorge has deep green water making it an ideal cliff jumping for those who visit the site, a rope hanging from a tree serves as a makeshift swing for adrenaline junkies. With these, you will be puzzled how amazing natural wonder has remained secret for the past years, but now that the secret is revealed, We just hope that everyone takes part in protecting and conserving the nature's work of art.

14. Colonial grill

Who has visited one place without diving to superb food? Colonial grill was established in 2004 and has served authentic Bicol dishes since then. The grill developed its menu and now serving “Bicolano Food Fusion” their own take on making traditional Bicolano dishes more flavorful without losing its natural flavors.

The moment you enter the 1st Colonial Grills, you will see that it looks more of a “fast food place’ but once you try their food, you will be surprised as the food looks aesthetically-pleasing as it tastes. The restaurant will always be the first thing locals mention if you ask them where to get the best Bicol dishes in town, as it is the most favorite not only among tourists but also for locals. You can surely indulge in a feast of Bicol flavors because this delicious food is served at a very affordable price.

The sources of their ingredients are from the town itself to get the natural Bicol flavors, in that way they also promote Bicol harvests as they support the local growers. According to the owner, the restaurant uses the homemade recipe from his grandmother which makes the food all the more delicious, as it tells you a lot about how Bicol cuisine fared through the years.

Apart from their authentic Bicol dishes, the 1st Colonial Grill offer also ice cream flavors, like chili ice cream, malunggay ice cream, and a cucumber ice cream. That’s also the reason that the restaurant is worth visiting. The unique dessert that you can find in 1st Colonial Grill has left a lasting impression on the restaurant.

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