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Philippines Mountains you must Climb

Philippines mountains maybe an aberration, exchanging an otherwise plain landscape into an uneven design of rise and fall. But they’re a good-looking aberration. Mark my words. So stunning that many a heart of mighty men – since man learned to make use of his feet – have been enchanted and captivated by their grandeur and innate beauty. Climbing them even when the dangers are well beyond controllable. For some, the higher, the more challenging, the better. Even to the point of death. Tough luck! But it may well be value it. They say mountains are the front row seats to appreciate God’s art works.

Philippines Mountains you must climb:


Finally the top of the list. This is not the highest of the bunch. But its name alone, meaning “saw-toothed mountain” is certain to give you an idea why it is a top catch. A most biologically-diverse forest awaits you after a long walk to the foothills. For its level of difficulty, several mountaineers compare the experience of trekking the 87° slopes and tricky summits as staring death in the eye.

Height: 2,057 meters
Difficulty: Very Hard
How to Get There: Reach Romblon’s Sibuyan Island via passenger ship from Batangas or Roxas City or Kalibo, whichever is most accessible.

Philippines Mountains


For its attractiveness, it’s hard not to fall in love with this mountain. Perhaps the most active volcano in the Visayas, you’d certainly find its hot springs, natural gardens, mini-forests, and sulfuric vents extraordinarily astonishing. Word of caution: The mountain has ask for lives in a disastrous eruption in 1996.

Height: 2,465 meters
Difficulty: Hard
How to Get There: From either Dumaguete City or Bacolod, reach Wasay or Guintubdan drop-off points, via bus.



A prize catch indeed as Mt. Apo is the highest mountain in the whole Philippine archipelago. As a dormant volcano, it has three major points and a crater that houses Lake Venado, a crystal clear offering bound to entice you to jump in. Mt. Apo requires you go complete thick forests and conquer giant boulders. But you’ll find the view at the top really a sight to behold. And if you’re in luck, meet the rare Phil. Monkey-eating Eagle to boot!

Height: 2,954 meters
Difficulty: Hard
How to Get There: From Davao City, proceed to Digos or Kidapawan via PUJ.



This range is composed of 5 big mountains with Mount Dulang-dulang as the highest. What awaits the adventurer in you in this high mountain series are virgin jungles and unsurpassed biodiversity which includes tasty pineapples! Even Sponge Bob himself would be honored. Add to this, you have 74 avian species for your eyes to feast ( should you be lucky to find them all), Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle including. And a whole range of flora and fauna not otherwise available for a highly-ubanized city dweller.

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Height: 2,938 meters
Difficulty: Hard
How to Get There: Get to CDO. Then proceed to Sumilao or Lantapan, Bukidnon via PUJ.



When you undertaking to Mt. Mariveles, you are looking at history for these slopes are the battleground of combined American and Filipino services fighting the Japanese invaders way back in 1942. Though you may start with a long, hot trek from the foothills to the steep hills, an oasis of a river awaits you halfway up the mountain. It’s definitely worth the sweat as soon you’ll witness the scenic sights of the South China Sea to the West and a bird’s eye view of the beaches of Bataan.

Height: 1,288 meters
Difficulty: Challenging
How to Get There: From Manila, take a bus to Mariveles, Bataan



As the uppermost mountain in the whole of Luzon and third highest in the whole archipelago, this mountain has been dubbed the “playground of the Gods”. Sitting in lots of Nueva Vizcaya, Ifugao and Benguet, the mountain is home to the Igorot tribal culture. It’s a extended climb but once there stand to be amazed with a 360° view of the Cordillera, a scenic sight bound to enthrall mountaineers and hobbyists alike to visit again and again.

Height: 2,930 meters
Difficulty: Manageable
How to Get There: From Manila, jump into a bus bound for Baguio City. Then heed towards Kabayan, Benguet via PUJ.



A proud mountain to be found on the southern portion of the Cordilleras, Mount Ugu seized news headlines when a plane from Loakan Airport met its untimely end on the slopes of the mountain way back in 1987. People who dared the rescue only found attractiveness among the ruins and soon after the mountain has never ran out of visitors from all over the land.

Height: 2,086 meters
Difficulty: Hard
How to Get There: Take a bus to Baguio City from Manila. Heed to Itogon, Benguet via PUJ.



Uniquely built, the summit of this volcano has remained obliterated by an eruption in June of 1991 making it stand shorter from 1,745 meters to 1,486 meters. Since of this, astonishing valleys of ash and a lake has made this mountain a fave by many climbing and biking enthusiast’s calendars.

Height: 1,486 meters
Difficulty: Challenging
How to Get There: Take a bus from Manila to Capas, Tarlac. Then proceed to Santa Juliana, then to SitioDaipili.

The crater lake of Mt. Pinatubo was formed after the climatic eruption of the Volcano in 1991

The crater lake of Mt. Pinatubo was formed after the climatic eruption of the Volcano in 1991


As a prized destination, Mt. Daguldulre presents an appealing offer with a beach right at the foot of the mountain. That combination alone is lethal and is bound to invite both the fun-loving mountaineer and the sun-seeking beach fanatic

Height: 670 meters
Difficulty: Manageable
How to Get There: From Manila, take a bus to Lipa City, Batangas. Then, hire a jeepney towards Hugom, San Juan, Batangas



Resembling the bird part, the Spaniards entitled this as Pico de Loro, Spanish for parrot’s beak. This mountain 664 meters above sea level found at Maragondon, Cavite is home to one of the most breath-taking views from the summit. To boot, you will be in the know to never-before-seen unusual plants..

Height: 664 meters
Difficulty: Manageable
How to Get There: Hire an FX taxi from Manila for “Magnetic Hill” at Maragandon, Cavite.


11. Taal Volcano, Batangas

A trip to Taal is frequented by travelers looking to get out of the city and feel the fresh air of the province as it is located a short van ride away from Manila.This geological wonder is the smallest active volcano in the world and is notoriously known as an island within a lake. The hike itself is easy and is known for being dusty and hot. If you’re thinking of paying a visit here, consider doing it early in the morning. The Taal Lake is a freshwater  and inside the volcano, you can find a saltwater crater lake. You will have to hire a boat from the shores of Talisay to take you to the volcano and from there, the path is pretty straight forward- no guide necessary. While it’s easy to reach the summit, more adventurous hikers can opt to do an all day trek which will lead you up the Southern ridge of Taal’s main crater where you can spot the salt water lake from.

  • Height: 311 meters
  • Time to Summit: 45 mins (easy trail)
  • Difficulty: Easy

Taal Volcano

12. Mount Mayon, Bicol

Mount Mayon is a sacred and active stratovolcano in the province of Albay, on the large island of Luzon in the philippines with its last major eruption wiping out the entire town of Cagsawa. Mount Mayon is also one of those mountains that is popular over the philippines popularized for its iconic perfect cone shape. Climbing up the mountain usually takes 2-3 days climb where you face some pretty challenging trails. Before reaching the summit you will encounter two trails, with each one posing some difficulties. Although no need for permit, climbers/ hikers are encouraged to contact  Department of Tourism Office in Legazpi to double check with PHIVOLCS for any volcanic activity.

  • Height: 2363 meters
  • Time to Summit: 2-3 days

13. Mount Kabunian, Benguet

The mountain is a natural attraction found in Poblacion. The Mount Kabunian is known as the “home of the Kankan-e god, Kabunian” and is majestic as its name. Parts of the breathtaking huge rocky mountain sides are used to be burial grounds, hence the presence of box coffins and human bones. Kabunian waterfalls is an added attraction to the place. As most people believe that the Kabunian resides in this mountains, it is considered as a sacred place. You will get as sense of holiness as you walk the trails and found some wooden coffins hanging from the summit walls as you approach its peak. You get an amazing and fulfilling feeling as you reach the summit, and you will be rewarded by breathtaking and incredible views with a feeling that you are touching heaven.

  • Height: 1,400 meters
  • Time to Summit: 3-4 hours
  • Difficulty: Medium

14. Mt. Daraitan, Tanay Rizal

Mount Daraitan is a home to green grasslands, abundant forest trails and caves, it contains one of the most pristine rivers in the country, the Tinapak river. Mt. Daraitan is a gem at the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountain range, close enough to Manila to do a day hike, it also sits near the border of Tanay, Rizal and General Nakar, Quezon. Reaching the summit, you can see the Sierra Madre, amd a glimpse of Laguna de Bay with its outlying mountains. Mount Daraitan is also popular camping ground which gives the option of exploring the springs, natural pools and caves in the area.

15. Mt. batulao, Nasugbu Batangas 

Going to the summit is not too exhausting, and the safety isn’t an issue too as the area is populated by friendly and hospitable locals. You just need to bring a sense of fun and adventure if you want to take a break from the Metro. Go and hike at the mountain that holds one of the most captivating scenery in the country. As you reach the top, you will be welcomed by stunning by stunning 360-degree view of Batanggas City.




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