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Tips When Riding a Jeepney in the Philippines


jeepney in the philippines – Jeepneys are usually king of the roads and so are unique in the Philippines. Multi-coloured and possibly is one of interesting to ride throughout among the numerous Southeast Asian local public way of transport.

jeepney in the philippines

jeepney in the philippines – When you visit the Philippines and trains, taxis, buses, are not accessible. why not ride in a jeepney? Below are tips on how to ride a Jeepney.

First, unlike taxis, Jeepneys doesn’t get you exactly to the destination you would like to go unless the place you’re going to is along the way. There are many jeepneys having their corresponding routes therefore it is essential to read the warning signs of its destination found on the jeep's windshield so that you can understand exactly where that Jeep is going to.

Next, when riding a jeepney, make sure to bring coins; when possible, do not pay big bills like 500 pesos or even 1000 pesos since several drivers may do not have the change particularly in the morning. If you have only large bills, pay your fare earlier so the driver could have your bill changed in the nearest service station. By year 2008, Jeepney fares vary from 7.50 pesos for the first Four kilometres plus 1 peso for each exceeding kilometer. The 20% discount is offered to students as well as senior citizens.


Thirdly, if paying the fare and you are sitting down away from the driver in which some jeeps don't have conductors, simply pass the cash to another person sitting close to you and also say “paki-abot” or perhaps “bayad po” (implies please pass my fare – in tagalog language). In Cebu City, you may say “palihog” (please pass) or perhaps “pliti” meaning rent or fare in cebuano dialect, then when you’re in Tacloban City in which waray-waray is the dialect, you can say “alayun” that mean please or perhaps “pasahe” meaning fare. Anyone close to you would pass the fare to another until it gets to the driver. Once your fare gets to the driver, the driver would certainly then inquire the place you wish to go. The driver would likely then pass the change to anyone close by till it gets to to you. Make sure to say “Salamat Po” meaning thank you.

Furthermore, keep in mind that jeepneys don't have airconditioning therefore it is likely to be an unpleasant ride if you’re in a city in which traffic jams occur.

And finally, if you arrive in your destination, just say loudly to the driver “para po” or perhaps “lugar lang po” and that he stops the jeepney. Or maybe the jeepney includes a string on the ceiling, simply pull it and it would likely signal the driver to stop.



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