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Breathtaking Places

6 Breathtaking Places To Go Soul-Searching In The Philippines

6 Breathtaking Places To Go Soul-Searching In The Philippines 1. Sagada The long transport/jeepney/auto ride is justified, despite all the trouble on the off chance that it implies seeing the world from over the mists. Beside the laid-back vibe, Sagada [...]

June 17, 2016 Travel, Video
The Ruins

The Ruins: Bacolod City Tourist Spots

The Ruins: Bacolod City Tourist Spots History of The Ruins The manor was implicit the mid 1900's by the sugar aristocrat, Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson (1865-1948) and was home to his unmarried youngsters with his first wife, Maria Braga Lacson (+1911), [...]

June 16, 2016 Travel, Video
Travel Tips

Travel Tips in the Philippines

Travel Tips in the Philippines  Except for parts of western Mindanao in the south of the nation, Philippines is the most protected travel destination, if one is watchful. WHEN YOU ARRIVE. When you land via air, there will (at any [...]

March 17, 2016 Travel, Video
Mount Pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo Day Tour

Mount Pinatubo  Mount Pinatubo is a spring of gushing lava situated on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Settled in the focal part of the Zambales mountain go, the spring of gushing lava lies 55 miles northwest of the [...]

March 7, 2016 Travel, Video
Masskara Festival

Masskara Festival – Bacolod City

Masskara festival – BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental — What makes a masquerade party fun? It's in the grins, obviously, and Bacolod people do it so well. The Masskara (a blend of the English word “mass” and the Spanish “kara,” signifying [...]

February 23, 2016 Festivals, Video

Cebu Philippines Tourist Destination

Cebu Philippines Tourist Destination  The city of Cebu is known as the “Ruler City of the South” — and rightly so. As the principal Spanish settlement in the Philippines, it has a portion of the nation's most notorious legacy spots. [...]

February 21, 2016 General
lady of Candles

Feast Of Our Lady Of Candles

Feast Of Our Lady Of Candles The greatest and most rich religiuos pageanty in Western Visayas. The gift of candles and the yearly parade of the patroness, the Nuestra Senora de Candelaria our Lady of Candles is trailed by the holiday [...]

February 17, 2016 Festivals, Video
Philippines beaches

Top 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines

Top 5 Most  Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines Philippines beaches With over 7,107 islands, our country is rich in gem and natural resources and every isle stretches not only thousands of gems but also a magnificent feeling of tranquility, beauty, [...]

December 28, 2015 Travel, Video