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Practical Travel Guide To Coron Palawan Resorts

Coron Palawan Resorts – Coron, one of the most required after destination in the Philippines. And you can easily understand why. It has pristine white sand beaches, extremely turquoise waters, rich marine life, World War II shipwrecks and karsts-dotted landscapes that can rival the best the world has to offer. Coron is the perfect destination for the casual vacationers, the hardcore backpackers, the beach lovers and courageous divers. Once you’ve visited, coming back for a second time is really something you won’t essential to decide on; Coron would automatically make the decision for you.



Coron is a small, not fully formed town on the island of Busuanga where most people stay when they visit the Calamianes Group of islands in northern Palawan. It’s not to be disorderly with Coron Island which is near the town and where most of the island hopping takes place. You can definitely walk across the main area in about ten minutes. There’s not much to do in town itself so it’s mainly a jumping point for all activities. It’s directly accessible by about an hour plane ride from Manila, Philippines.

How to Get to Coron From Manila and Other Places



  • Cebu Pacific– A number of daily flights from Manila.
  • Philippine Airlines– A number of daily flights from Manila.
  • SkyJet Airlines– Boutique airlines with only one flight from Manila every day.
  • Air Juan Airline– Small 9 seat charter airline that flies among Coron to Boracay (Tuesday & Friday) and Puerto Princesa to Coron (Tuesday & Friday). If you want to know what to expect  Schedules subject to change.
    When you fly out of Coron you’ll have to pay an airport departure tax of 200 pesos.

Boats and Ferries


There’s a large ferry in service to and from Manila or Puerto Princesa. A lot of people want to know how to get to El Nido from Coron.

  • There are small daily ferryboats running between Coron and El Nido. There are also ferries to and from Mindoro.
  • 2GO Ferry – This is the top shipping line. The ferry makes two trips a week from Manila and Puerto Princesa to Coron.
  • Atienza Shipping Lines – If you are ‘adventurous’ Atienza currently has a ferry from Manila to Coron every Saturday and Wednesday. They also take a cargo/passenger ferry to and from El Nido. For this you essential be extra adventurous as the ‘Legal Nomads‘ will tell you.

Schedules for boats are notorious for changing due to weather and peak seasons so make sure you constantly check out the latest schedules.


Local Transportation

coron palawan resorts

  • A shared van ride from Busuanga airport to town it can takes around 35 minutes and costs 150 pesos per person. Transfer to and starting the airport is easily arranged ahead of time with whichever accommodation you are staying at.
  • There are not any taxis and transportation around town contains of walking or tricycle. You can flag them down anyplace and they cost 10 pesos per person within town and 20 pesos outside town. Make assured you have small bills.
  • Motorcycle and scooter rental costs anyplace between 200 (up to 2 hours) to 600 (13 to 24 hours) pesos depending on the size of motorcycle and how time-consuming you rent them. You will need to fill the tank already when you return it. Make sure you do a test drive before you rent one.


A Few Tips

  • There are only a few ATM’s all over the place in town but beware of limits and power outages that make them useless. It’s best to bring cash as most places not including for large hotels are cash based. Allied Bank, Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and Metrobank offer ATM facility for international credit cards. We find BPI to be the best as the smaller banks like Metrobank can run out of cash.
  • Everyday power outages are the norm so don’t be surprised if you’re eating dinner in a dim restaurant unless you’re at a larger establishing that has a backup generator.
  • Coron is a laid back municipality so patience is a virtue. Absorb to slow down and enjoy yourself!


The Philippines takes a tropical climate which is hot and humid. We were most comfortable in t-shirts, shorts, hat and flip-flops. Furthermost people want to know when the best time is to go.

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Two Seasons

  • Dry Season – Coolest months (December to February)
  • Dry Season – Very warm months (March to May) – This exists summer season.
  • Rainy Season (June to November) – This is well-thought-out low season. July to October is also typhoon season.


  • On average in the air in the 30 degree Celsius range plus humidity.

The nice thing about low season (wet) is there isn’t as many tourists all over the place. This is also the time when Filipinos like to travel. We also went at the end of May 2015 (tail end of warm season) until mid-June (start of the rains). It was really, really hot and sticky. If you go at this time you might want to think through an air-conditioned room. As we got into June the skies were often cloudy, then sunny and we got rain more or less daily but only for short periods of time. That didn’t stop us from island hopping or renting a motorbike.


We also visited in January. Everyday was sunshine. Sometimes you will get a small shower. Despite what season you go bring plenty of sun block and mosquito repellent (especially during rainy season).

  • You can checked out the current weather but we can tell you it’s most often wrong. You know you’ll get lots of rain if there is a tropical depression in the place otherwise rain is usually remote to different areas and blows over fast.


Coron Palawan Hotels

There are many places to stay in town from low-cost backpacker’s hostels (Coron Backpackers Guesthouse , Patrik & Tezz Guesthouse) to 4 star hotels Corto del Mar Hotel) with pools. This one of the outlying islands where you’ll find the 5 star resorts with beaches and services you’d expect from a high price tag. I like using a multi-search website like Hotels Combined to book and compare charges. It saves you a lot of time and a little money.


If you go during high season or the long weekend (Christmas, Chinese New Year or Easter) make certain you book a place way ahead of time especially if you’re set on a specific room that’s popular.

What if you don’t want to stay in town?
Even though Coron town is small it’s actually quite noisy from hundreds of trikes, cars and other vehicles navigating through its narrow streets. If you choose a quieter, less touristy and more secluded area you have options. Just outside of town is quiet Governor’s Drive where you’ll find very rated Sophia’s Garden Resort, The Funny Lion Inn and Asia Grand View Hotel. These are maybe the best of the mid-priced hotels in Coron and they’re only a 5-10 minute, 20 peso tricycle ride into town. A tiny further is Coron Westown Resort along the National Highway. It’s also a good mid-range hotel and has three pools, a big poolside jacuzzi and business center.



Coron is all referring to the water. Diving, snorkelling and island hopping are the things to do here. Most activities take place in Coron Bay and  throughout Coron Island. 


There are numerous places you can sign up for a tour or you can simply go down to the pier and hire a bangka (native boat) for a DIY trip. You can besides do a multi-day island hopping/camping trip. A private boat around Coron Bay should cost you 1,500-2,000 pesos (for the boat).

You may require to haggle. Pick the places you’d like to see but be advised that there are entrance pay (100 to 200 pesos per person) to just about every attraction. You can also arrange with the boat to make you lunch. My top option would be Kayangan Lake and Siete Pecados.

You can also take on your own bangka to take into Chindonan Island which is just in front of Sangat Island. This area is a facade of the Coron Bay area cost us 3,000 pesos to take on our own bangka.A private boat around Coron Bay should cost you 1,500-2,000 pesos (for the boat).

You may required to haggle. Pick the places you’d like to see but be advised that there are entrance pay (100 to 200 pesos per person) to just about every attraction. You can also arrange with the boat to make you lunch. A top option would be Kayangan Lake and Siete Pecados.You can also take on your our own bangka to Chindonan Island which is just in Sangat Island. This quarter is outside of the Coron Bay area cost us 3,000 pesos to hire a  bangka.


Coron Busuanga Hotels


These places range from country side beach houses to luxury resorts like Busuanga Bay Lodge. Keep in mind because of the secluded situation of these accommodations your dining, activities and transportation will most likely be provided by your hotel so you will be narrow by what they offer.

Outside of town is where you can find a Coron beachfront hotel. Here’s a listing of Busuanga Hotels. If you search for a serene, relaxing atmosphere in the middle of nature then The Riverhouse might fit the bill. It has gorgeous views overlooking a river. We often went there for lunch.

Coron Island Beach Resorts

If money was nothing staying at the luxurious Two Seasons Island Resort and Spa Coron Palawan might have been a possibility. Who wouldn’t dream of staying in a luxurious ocean in front of a villa on a tropical island paradise? And with their own chapel it’s becoming one of the furthermost popular wedding places in Palawan. The resort has a beach and house reef for snorkelling.

If you fantasy a villa on stilts over the water like those in the Maldives then Huma Island Resort & Spa can be your hideaway. You can bathe in your private open air Jacuzzi and take in the beautiful seascape. To take it over the top you can use their personal seaplane service. We passed the resort on our boat expedition to Busuanga and it looked pretty sweet.

Island Dive Resorts

The small resort is perfect if you like a peaceful, quiet retreat. If you’re looking for scuba diving in Palawan then this place is perfect as it has it’s own in-house dive centre and is only 10-30 minutes from the best dive sites.

Straight across from them on Sangat Island is the Sangat Island Dive Resort. It’s also an excellent place to stay if you’re in Coron for wreck diving. Jojo (the large German), Luke and the rest of their team are great dive instructors.




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