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Masskara Festival – Bacolod City

Masskara festival – BACOLOD CITY, Negros Occidental — What makes a masquerade party fun? It's in the grins, obviously, and Bacolod people do it so well.

The Masskara (a blend of the English word “mass” and the Spanish “kara,” signifying “face”) is a Festival that began in the mid 1980s, when world costs for sugar plunged; and Bacolod City, the nation's sugar capital, was hit by a noteworthy emergency.  Masskara festival

Masskara Festival

The city government and specialists joined together to discover approaches to lift the general population's spirits (also their decaying economy), so they chose to set up a gathering!

Held each third few days of October or on the nearest weekend to October 19, it performs the unflinching character of the Negrenses and symbolizes what the general population of the City of Smiles do best: putting on a cheerful face when stood up to with difficulties.

When you go to the Masskara Festival, the fun display will give you a few days of visual over-burden. Individuals garbed in rich and bright outfits move in the city, their veils intelligent of the affable Negrense soul. Outfits are made with fabrics of various hues and examples, decorated with extraordinary plumes, glossy sequins, diverse dabs and matched with towering headgear.

It's an ocean of energetic hues, diverse examples, and enormous grins. And afterward obviously, there's the Masskara Queen – the young lady with the most delightful grin, embodying the soul of the celebration itself.

With the pounding drums and the celebration tunes resounding noticeable all around, you'd need to battle the inclination to move. In any event until the best part: the road move rivalry, where entertainers from various towns move through a skirmish of acting skill and innovativeness. At that point the road is changed into an immense move floor, and everybody's a rival! So don't stress if your feet offer into the musicality. No veil? No outfit? Don't worry about it. Simply put on a major grin and you're ready in the Masskara festival!

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