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Bodong Festival in Kalinga Opens its 3rd Festival 2019

Bodong Festival, according to recent accounts of individuals United Nations agency have ventured into the Cordilleras, notably in Kalinga, the folks of this province were seen as vicious warriors and savages.

Our province has come a long way, from our notorious reputation regarding our peace and order situation which we have to admit have painted our province as well as iKalingas in a negative light.

Bodong Festival

However, due to the partnership of the leaders and the cooperation of everyone, KALINGA as a hidden gem of the Cordilleras is finally out to conquer attraction with its blinding light.

IKalingas and visitors from other places, we welcome you as we celebrate this Bodong Festival with light hearts!

Bodong Festival

The celebration of the 24th Founding Anniversary and the 3rd Bodong Festival is officially opened with the banging of the gong spearheaded by the Provincial Governor Hon. Jocel C. Baac.

This festival is a testament to our unity and perseverance in maintaining what we have worked so far, we may have our differences but likened to the different style of beating the gongs all over Kalinga, as one, we are beautifully harmonized and with such, we can progress better.

Bodong Festival

Furthermore, the success of our endeavors towards change can never be realized without the Father's guidance.

Thus, our wholehearted agreement to the statement that we have always taken our comfort, our struggle to the Lord because we have faith in Him.

Kalinga has been renowned for its tribal conflicts for the past years. Such tribal wars and differences are typically settled through the “bodong”, roughly translated as peace accord, a method whereby the warring tribes would gather to settle disputes. it's typically sealed with the sharing of foods and taking part in of gongs.

Bodong Festival

With its name virtually synonymous to “tribal wars”, Kalinga adopted “Bodong” as a rallying cry to assist amendment the perception of individuals regarding the Kalingas. 

Within the speeches of governor Jocel Baac and vice governor James Edduba throughout the celebrations, they each have stressed the success that came at the side of the peace and unity led to by the conjunctive efforts of the various offices within the national, provincial, municipal and even within the barangay levels. The said officials expressed their hope and positivity that this will endure as they continue to persistently help in the development of the province.

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Bodong Festival

The Bodong festival was started out with a thanksgiving mass on February 4. One amongst the dignitaries who graced the celebrations is that the Most Reverend bishop Gabrielle Giordano Caccia, the apostolic nuncio to the Philippines. In his speech,

His Excellency Caccia disclosed that he was invited to witness how the Kalingas perform and promote peaceful proceedings through the Bodong Highlights of the festivities include Search for Ms. Kalinga, cultural presentations by the different schools in the province held on the 13th and by the different municipalities held on the eve of the founding anniversary as well as the Laga Fashion show wherein works of local fashion designers such as Joon Teckney Ascano, were featured.

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