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Filipino nurse murdered 2 patients, poisoned 20 more

Filipino nurse

Filipino nurse murdered 2 patients – A ‘devil' Filipino nurse in UK who killed 2 patients and poisoned 20 other people was working in an NHS hospital for many years with no proper qualifications, was revealed today.

Filipino nurse murdered 2 patients

Filipino nurse murdered 2 patients – Victorino Chua, 49, a serial killer secretly injected lethal insulin levels into saline bags as well as ampoules while at work on 2 wards at Stepping Hill Hospital located in Stockport.

Chua, who named himself an ‘angel turned evil', was charged with killing Tracey Arden, 44, as well as Derek Weaver, 83, but cleared of murdering Arnold Lancaster, 71.

Authorities fear he wasn't a fully licensed nurse following they discovered 3 various versions of his medical school document in the Philippines and assume he got somebody else to take his final examination.

In spite of questions on their vetting and also requests for a public query the hospital and also the Nursing and Midwifery Council mention he passed certain requirements when he entered work in Britain in the year 2002.

As codeine-addict Chua prepared to be sentenced tomorrow there were calls for a public inquiry into the scandal.

It can also be revealed that:

  • Chua ‘graduated from one of the worst nursing colleges in the Philippines’ which shut down after concerns about its poor standards and finances
  • Victims of the Stepping Hill poisonings are in line for millions of pounds’ worth of compensation
  • Detectives fear Chua may have killed before both here and in the Philippines, possibly using different methods.

During the case, jurors were shown copies of a letter in which Chua wrote ‘there's a devil in me'.

The handwritten document was found in his kitchen after his arrest in 2012.

The letter read as a ‘bitter nurse confession' and he had been prescribed sleeping tablets and anti-depressants.

In the letter, he said he was writing it in case something happened to him and so people can ‘work out how an angel turn to an evil person'.

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The killer ended the 13-page document by writing: ‘Still inside of me I can feel the anger that any time it will explode just still hanging on can still control it but if I will be pushed they gonna be sorry.'

He added: ‘The bitter nurse confession. Got lots to tell but I just take it to my grave.'

The Crown said the Filipino father-of-two had decided to take out his personal frustrations on patients ‘for reasons truly known only to himself'.

After police were called in, Chua was said to have ‘changed tack' by sabotaging prescription charts, doubling and trebling dosages – some with potentially lethal consequences – leading to his arrest in January 2012.

At Stepping Hill in June and July of 2011 a growing feeling of unease and ‘something not right' overtook medics after one patient after another suddenly began falling inexplicably ill on Chua's wards.

Overnight on the nightshift of July 10/11, five patients had unexpected hypoglycaemic attacks, a naturally rare event, which suddenly became, ‘alarmingly common'.

A similar pattern followed of ‘roller coaster' blood sugar levels for the poisoned patients, who soon rallied after being given glucose sugar infusions, only before they relapsed again from the insulin, unknown to medics, still in their drips.

Many patients went ‘full circle' and recovered, but three died, two of them as a direct result of the poisoning the jury ruled with their murder verdicts, and a fourth was left with permanent brain damage.


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