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Exploring Historic and Progressive Pototan, Iloilo

Exploring Historic and Progressive Pototan, Iloilo – Numerous words can depict the town of Pototan, Iloilo – rice, Christmas Capital, the Magbanuas – to give some examples. Be that as it may, this dynamic town has parts to offer. In my late visit, the town was loaded with action; all things considered, that is the thing that you have in case you're one of the top farming makers in the district.

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History and Reputation carved on its points of interest

On my visit to the square, one can't see the imagery brightened on historic points raised. One of the first that got my consideration is the vicinity of the carabao bust on each base of a light post. The carabao, the famous representation of Filipino agribusiness, is a charm to Pototan's notoriety for being Panay's rice silo.

To further help rice generation in the town, a P200 million Modern Integrated Rice Processing Complex was developed at Barangay Amamaros. The venture was actualized with the collaboration of the Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and would incorporate rice generation and handling offices, stockroom, seed cleaning and capacity plants, drying plant, pulling offices and bolster offices. The complex is about finished as of this time. (This would warrant me to return and visit the complex at some point later on).

Another huge historic point is the landmark raised to respect the Magbanua kin – Pascual, Elias, and Teresa, for their model commitment in the battle for opportunity amid the Spanish and American provincial times.

Growing up and taught in Tarlac, I knew few Ilonggo legends yet I certainly adm

fury Teresa Magbanua. I found out about her not in my basic history course readings but rather on a scene of the TV show Bayani where she was depicted by honor winning on-screen character Jacklyn Jose. Teresa Magbanua, affectionately called Nay Isa, was the main lady to charge battle troops in the Visayas as a result of her battling ability and grit. Really, she merited the title “The Joan of Arc of the Visayas.” Born from the tip top, Nay Isa was stood up to with the issue of abandoning her family and first class way of life and joining the insurgency. She battled for flexibility and the rest was history.

Pascual, the eldest, was designated brigadier general of the progressive armed force in light of his instructive foundation, social position and as an amazing contender/an expert swordsman. A gifted strategist, he could hold off the American development to inside Iloilo towns and was in charge of the strongholds along Tacas-Sambag-Jibaoan Line.

Elias, then again, was sent by his more seasoned sibling to Negros to enlist and sort out men to safeguard the island from American intruders. He was murdered amid an American attack of their camp.

To pay tribute to the flexibility contenders amid the Japanese Invasion, a marker at the base of the square's monolith was appended. It is imperative to note that Pototan saw a portion of the critical fights amid World War II in the freedom of Panay.

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Religiosity and Culture in Pototan

The greenest and most roomy square in the region, the Pototan Plaza is the town's pride in showcasing its encouraging. The stately mahogany trees, the wonderful man-made tidal pond, and obviously the notable gazebo are a percentage of the attractions to be found in the square. The square is likewise changed into a Christmas town amid Pototan's Iwag Festival of Lights. This earned the town the title, “Christmas Capital of Western Visayas”.

A stone-discard from the square is Iloilo's most exceptional and completely prepared secured court and exercise center. The Pototan Coliseum has a seating limit enough to suit 5,500 observers. Its offices, for example, the ball court, lighting and sound frameworks are of global models.

Training has dependably been an indispensable part in the town of Pototan. One of the most established universities in the area, the Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepción situated next to the ward church, was established in 1932 by Hijas de Jesus Filipinas.

I trust the neoclassic Town Hall of Pototan, Iloilo is a standout amongst the most wonderful in the territory.

The congregation of Senor San Jose Parish in Pototan is one of the unmistakable structures around the local area. The congregation is based on ground meters over the ground, does giving it an ordering perspective of the town focus. The congregation is additionally bears the town's farming conventions – wheel-like outlines are utilized as a part of the veneer. Inside, the spot of love is exquisite with the wonderful marble sacrificial table in front.

Early History of Pototan

By, the principal pioneers in Pototan  were the group of Datu Ramon, a grandson of Datu Puti who was from Dumangas. The initially occupied range was at Barangay Naslo which was some time ago the poblacion. The spot was known for the wealth of trees called “putat” which was later called as “Kaputatan” or as spot of numerous Putat Trees. Later they settled close to the banks of Suage River as a result of its secured water supply. This spot prospered because of the neighborhood exchange with the Chinese and the ensuing colonization by Spain.

Pototan is presently a first Class Municipality with an estimated populace of 67,626 (2007).


Pototan Town Center is arranged adjoining the crossing point of Iloilo-Capiz Highway, Barotac Nuevo-Pototan Road, and Janiuay-Mina-Pototan Road. It is available, around 30 minutes from Tagbak Terminal in Iloilo City. You can ride jeepney or transports crossing the national interstate.

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