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Town of the White Mountain – Rodriguez is The first-class urban municipality situated in the Rizal province, Philippines. Famous as “The Town of the White Mountain”. It's the northernmost town in the province as well as follows San Mateo, Rizal, along with Quezon City.

Town of the White Mountain

Town of the White Mountain – The town is situated on the mountains of the Sierra Madre featuring many resorts; additionally it is the biggest town in the province of Rizal having a total area of 312.70 km².

The old name of the town is called Montalban, comes from its mountainous topography. It had been also the official name of the town from 1909, right until Batas Pambansa Blg. 275 was approved in September 1982, that officially renamed this town. The town's official title is obtained from the family name of Eulogio Rodriguez, Sr., the most well known Montalbeños.

Tourist attractions:

1. Wawa Dam – another name for Montalban Dam is the gravity dam built above the Marikina River within the municipality of Rodriguez throughout Rizal province, Philippines. The marginally arched dam can be found in the 360-metre (1,180 ft) high Wawa Gorge, the water distance in the mountains of Sierra Madre, eastern side of Manila. It was built in year 1909 during the US colonial period to supply the water demands of Metro Manila. It was once the merely water source for Manila till Angat Dam was constructed as well as Wawa was left behind. Because of lack of water supply for Metro Manila, there were a powerful clamor to use the dam.

2. Pamitinan Cave – is truly a historical site. It's exactly where Andres Bonifacio, and various other 8 katipuneros announced their first independence against the Spaniards in the year April 12, 1895, the year prior to start of Philippine revolution. This cave even now bears the inscription of Andres Bonifacio along with his followers, “Viva la Independencia Filipinas”.


3. Puray Falls – Puray is among the most remote barangay of Rodriquez (previously Montalban) within the Rizal province. When “Montalban” is talked about, one person acquainted with this town would definitely involved along with Wawa, the beautiful river situated in barangay San Rafael filled with big white stones . Wawa is extremely accessible, you will find jeepneys plying the main routes out of Quezon City towards Wawa. While Puray, to many, occur only within the myths of mountain bikers that often visit the place due to its trails and falls.

Visit Montalban now, and enjoy the tour in it mountainous area.

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