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Vigan: A Hispanic Town

Vigan: A Hispanic Town

  A Hispanic Town – Vigan is indeed special, as UNESCO considered it a World Heritage Site as well as mentioned, “Vigan is an exceptionally intact and well-preserved example of a European trading town in East and Southeast Asia. The [...]

August 26, 2014 General, Video
Cooking Style

Philippine Cooking Style

  Cooking Style – Philippine style of cooking is incredibly simple; no particular utensils are necessary. Even a banana leaf can cook the food. A wok, that is widely used in the Philippines and it is almost important for Chinese [...]

August 25, 2014 General, Video

Life in the Slums of Manila

Slums of Manila – There are 1 / 10 of slum dwellers reside in the capital Manila, in communities such as in the Tondo District. Slums of Manila – Tondo is among the oldest regions of Manila, and goes back [...]

August 25, 2014 General, Video
Islands of Mystery

Philippines islands of mystery

 islands of mystery – The Philippines by Animal Planet.  Documentary shows the abundant wildlife in the islands and nature’s diversity in this country.    islands of mystery – An investigation of the ways where the wildlife and folks of the Philippines [...]

August 25, 2014 General, Video

Philippines Folk Dance – Pandanggo sa Ilaw

Pandanggo sa Ilaw – Pandanggo sa Ilaw is an incredibly popular Philippines folk dance. It is known to have came from from Mindoro, the seventh-largest island within the Philippines. This specific dance of lights mimics fireflies at sunset and at [...]

August 23, 2014 General

Tips When Riding a Jeepney in the Philippines

  jeepney in the philippines – Jeepneys are usually king of the roads and so are unique in the Philippines. Multi-coloured and possibly is one of interesting to ride throughout among the numerous Southeast Asian local public way of transport. [...]

August 19, 2014 General, Video

Metro Manila 2014 – The Philippines

  The Philippines -The name Manila had been given by the Tagalog people as “Maynila”. The title is dependant on nila, a blooming mangrove plant which grew on the marshy shoreline of the bay, utilized to produce soap for local [...]

August 16, 2014 General, Video

Ullalim: The Kalinga Story

  The Kalinga Story – An Ullalim is an epic in Kalinga which means traditional music as well as poetry version of the Philippines.\ The Kalinga Story – These are generally long chanted tales handed down for centuries which tell [...]

August 16, 2014 General, Video

Famous Philippine Cuisine Philippine Cuisine – The Philippines is known as a country made of numerous islands, large and small. It is no surprise different influences from encompassing countries arrived at the islands as well as seeped to the tradition; after that [...]

August 15, 2014 General, Video

Philippines Beautiful People, Beautiful Country 2014

Philippines Beautiful People, Beautiful Country 2014 The documentary featuring Manila,Philippines, stating as the most largely populated mega-city in the world. Knowing the Filipino’s passion for entertainment, it showcased the dancing traffic enforcer right after spotting him perform his awesome moves [...]

August 15, 2014 General, Video

National Anthem of The Philippines – Lupang Hinirang

National Anthem of The Philippines – Lupang Hinirang – Lupang Hinirang is a Tagalog language known as the “Chosen Land”. It is the Philippines national anthem. The music was composed by Julian Felipe in year 1898, and also the lyrics [...]

May 3, 2014 General

All about Baguio City: The Pride of Baguio City

  The Pride of Baguio City – Baguio City is among the most popular cities within the Philippines and it has been celebrated being the country's Summer Capital over the past 99 years. The city was established by the Americans [...]

May 3, 2014 General

Top 10 Cities in the Philippines by size

Top 10 Cities in the Philippines  The video will show  the top 10 Cities in the Philippines by size.  Made up of about 7,100 islands, the Philippines is on the southeastern rim of Asia and is bordered by the Philippine [...]

May 3, 2014 General

Folk Dance in the Philippines – Maglalatik

Folk Dance in the Philippines – Maglalatik – The Maglalatik is a kind of indigenous dance in the Philippines where coconut shell halves which were attached to the dancers' hands as well as on vests where are hung 4 or [...]

May 3, 2014 General

Three interesting animals found in the Philippines

In the Philippines 7, 100 islands set not only a hodgepodge of vibrant cultures as well as traditions. A close look can tell you an abundant plants and creatures in the Philippines that are definitely one the very best on [...]

May 3, 2014 General

Philippines Experience the 7,107 Islands

 Philippines Experience the 7,107 Islands – When you visit the Philippines, you can experience exceptional charm of the historic land. People are warm, friendly as well as hospitable. The low living costs of living in the Philippines guarantees you of [...]

April 26, 2014 General, Video

An Introductory Video Showcasing The Philippines

At first, the Philippines never was high on my travel list. Nobody definitely discussed the place, also it appeared to have got a history of like a somewhat unsafe spot to travel by. Moreover, all travellers believed that Thailand got [...]

February 13, 2014 General, Video