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Top 10 Famous Lighthouses In The Philippines

Famous lighthouses – Having been engaged by Spain for more than 300 years and the US by nearly 50 years, the Philippine Islands became home to a number of lighthouses which helped ships sail across through our waters for centuries. [...]

September 15, 2016 General, Travel

Philippines Holidays 2017

Philippine holidays Regular holidays New Year's Day January 1 Sunday New Year's Day is perceive on January 1, the first day of the year on the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar. In pre-Christian Rome down the [...]

September 13, 2016 General

Top 15 Awesome Filipino Tribal Tattoo Designs

Filipino tribal tattoo came from an early tribe which practiced the art of tattooing. It’s no wonder why tribal styles and Baybayin (Native Philippine alphabet) are so common in modern day Pinoy tattoo designs. If you’re a tattoo enthusiast or [...]

September 12, 2016 General

Philippines Mountains you must Climb

Philippines mountains maybe an aberration, exchanging an otherwise plain landscape into an uneven design of rise and fall. But they’re a good-looking aberration. Mark my words. So stunning that many a heart of mighty men – since man learned to [...]

September 9, 2016 General, Travel

Top 10 Things to do in Banaue, Philippines

Banaue (or otherwise spelled as Banawe) is a fourth class municipality in the province of Ifugao,Philippines. Conferring to the 2010 census, it takes a population of 22,365 people.[3] It is widely known as the site of the UNESCO World Heritage [...]

September 9, 2016 General

10 Aspects of Filipino Culture You Just Can’t Seem To Escape

The Filipino culture is so ingrained in our hearts that no matter where we are, we cannot escape from them. Take the examples below, for instance: 1. The tsinelas at all times Tsinelas remain traditional Filipino  slippers, and must always [...]

September 8, 2016 General

The Philippines Culture and Traditions

Philippine culture – Filipino people are known as pioneers in many parts of the world. They are like the chameleon who easily adapts to unlike environments. They thrive to survive. Survival of the fittest is their banner. Philippine culture -The [...]

September 6, 2016 General
July Festivals of the Philippines

July Festivals of the Philippines

July Festivals of the Philippines – Most Philippines Festivals are religious in origin, but nowadays the religious component is usually secondary to the spirit of celebration. Philippines has dozens of festivals and most towns have their own in addition to [...]

September 5, 2016 General

Pack Your Suitcase And Use These Tips To Travel

Pack Your Suitcase – Many people dream of taking a trip alone, but it's important to keep in mind that you can become a crime victim if you aren't aware. You can make sure you stay safe by using a [...]

September 4, 2016 General
Tips And Tricks For A Successful Journey

Make Traveling Easy: Tips And Tricks For A Successful Journey

Tips And Tricks For A Successful Journey – Most people travel at least one time in their lives. No matter what your traveling experience is, you can still benefit from other people's experiences. You are about to be provided with [...]

September 4, 2016 General, Travel
Make Your Travel Comfortable

How To Make Your Travel Comfortable

Make Your Travel Comfortable – For most people, travel offers a thrilling way to learn more about the world around them. You can meet new people, experience new cultures and change your daily routine. Apply the tips that you have learned in [...]

September 4, 2016 General, Travel
Best Travel Tips And Information

Finding The Best Travel Tips And Information

Best Travel Tips And Information – While traveling can seem rather complicated, knowing key information about what to do is very beneficial. If you aren't sure what to do, it is easy to find your self lost or overspending on [...]

September 3, 2016 General, Travel

Just Great Travel Tips

Travel helps to understand and appreciate the world. It can be difficult to find a truly exotic place. The tips from this article can help. This group of techniques will help you optimize your vacation experience. When you are in [...]

September 3, 2016 General, Travel
Travel With These Easy Tips

Anyone Can Become Knowledgeable About Travel With These Easy Tips

Travel with these easy tips is a passion for many and is a wonderful pastime. You may decide to stay close to home or you might plan on going to another country. There are always new things to see and [...]

September 3, 2016 General, Travel

Exploration And Adventure: Some Fun Travel Ideas

Traveling is a great form of entertainment, but planning the details of the trip can be frustrating. Figuring out the logistics of your trip, and making sure that everything is set up correctly, can get confusing. Use the advice here [...]

September 2, 2016 General, Travel

Amateurs Guide To Tourism: What You Need To Know

Amateurs Guide To Tourism: What You Need To Know It can be quite exciting traveling to a new place, but it could also be stressful. There are certain things that you may do to prevent this. The following tips will [...]

September 2, 2016 General

A New Traveler? Start By Using This Advice!

Do you remember those family trips you took? Traveling could've opened up a world of wondrous discovery then. You can do this with your family too. Use the Internet to find places to visit. Get suggestions from friends. Decide on [...]

September 1, 2016 General, Travel

All Travel Questions Answered Right Here

Traveling might seem to be very complicated, but being prepared can help make the trip much simpler. If you haven't the faintest idea what you're doing, you can end up spending far too much and receiving far too little. Keep [...]

September 1, 2016 General, Travel

Packing It All In: The Best Ways To Travel Without Much Trouble

Travel is entertaining, educational, and awe-inspiring. There are enough places to travel  to make everyone happy. Nothing compares to experiencing the world if you want a new look at everything.  Keep reading for some great travel ideas. Make sure you [...]

August 31, 2016 General, Travel

Plan A Weekend Trip With Easy To Use Information

Traveling is a great way to explore different cultures and see places that we dream about going. Even so, it's hard to rid ourselves of preconceptions so we can truly enjoy new experiences. The tips from this article can help. [...]

August 30, 2016 General, Travel