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8 Photogenic places to visit in the Visayas Region

Tumalog Falls

By having extensive resorts in the Philippines, the Visayas region will make it easy and alluring for travelers to travel from one province to another.

If you want to taste the mouth watering Lechon in Cebu, climb the Chocolate Hills in Bohol on the next day? So Simple. How about snorkeling in Negros Oriental someday and after that jumping off the Siquijor cliffs the next? That’s only one boat away.

Be it for adventure or food, the Visayas region offers travelers a lot to do throughout its many islands. If you have the following spectacular views to start, why should you go anywhere else?

1. Boracay  Island

Boracay Beach

Boracay Beach


Possibly you have seen a lot of Boracay, but the island’s white sand beaches: Diniwid, White Beach, and Puka, to name some, are still probably the most beautiful throughout the country. The glimpse of the island’s paraws sliding along its waters is next to the fiery ball of orange which is the famous Boracay sunset.

2. Isla De Gigantes, Iloilo


Visayas Region

Isla De Gigantes, Iloilo

It will take a rough sea traveling to reach Isla De Gigantes, yet these islands located in Iloilo province make a trip worthwhile. Magnificent craggy cliffs, as well as peaceful sandbars, make all these islands probably the most idyllic places throughout Panay, and in the whole Visayas.


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3.  Siquijor




Beautiful beaches are the reasons why tourists love Philippines. Seeing them from the top of a 50-foot slump is another reason. Located in a small island of Siquijor, smart tourists jump off of cliffs to the island’s crystal clear, inviting waters. In case Salagdoong Beach’s radiant turquoise doesn't entice you good enough to either dive right in or keep visiting, get on a motorcycle and drive throughout the small island, viewing Lazi’s Cambugahay Falls as well as 400-year-old balete tree.

4.  The Ruins-Negros Occidental


The Ruins


Enchanting even during broad daylight yet absolutely magical by sunset, The Ruins might be the most wonderful skeleton you'll ever set eyes upon. Monuments of a sugar baron’s house, that was built for his wife, the lavish Italianate-style building stands in the center of a well-maintained lawn and it is a must-visit place when you’re traveling to Bacolod City.


5.  Tumalog Falls – Cebu


Tumalog Falls


The majority of waterfalls are tall and raging; Tumalog Falls, found in inland Oslob, Cebu, is the contrary: its waters dropped its moss-covered face in peaceful, steady drizzles. Since many waterfalls set off, going to Tumalog is challenging, although the majority of the road is concrete. Being here needs getting either a habal-habal or a vehicle to help make the very difficult ascent from the highway then head on down by foot along one more steep down towards the waterfalls.


6.  Chocolate Hills – Bohol


Chocolate Hills


In spite of the strong October 2013 earthquake which damaged portions of it, nothing might alleviate the splendour of the legendary Chocolate Hills. Native lore sets the mounds to become a giant’s teardrops, however regardless of whether you adhere to this belief or otherwise not, the limestone mounds appear surreal regardless of perspective from which you’re staring. The Chocolate Hills is found in Carmen, 30-45 minutes by bus coming from Tagbilaran, Bohol.

7. Kalanggaman Island – Leyte


Kalanggaman Island


A half-hour from the Palompon town in Leyte-or 2-hour from Malapascua Island, Kalanggaman Island’s most impressive feature is its extended stretch of sandbar slicing through a quilt of aquamarine. This island is not inhabited, however, the local government has set up several facilities for day-trippers. Kalanggaman is among those islands in which simply staring at nature’s bounty-or in cases like this, strolling along the sandbar that appears to stretch forever-feels incredibly satisfying.

8.  Biri Rock Formation – Samar


Biri Rock Formation


Portion of over 5,000-hectare Biri Larosa Protected Landscape and Seascape located in Northern Samar, the Biri Rock Formation is a group of gigantic, rough-hewn rock formations pointing toward the Pacific. The one of a kind landscape of Biri is solely nature’s handiwork, within the rugged boulders towards the welcoming natural pools at the base.








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