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7 Most Amazing Coral Reef Diving Sites In The Philippines

The following are the 7 most amazing coral reef diving sites in the Philippines.


1. Siquijor


Coral Reef in the Philippines
Spiritualist customs and ceremonies can be found in this island. In spite of the fact that it is known as a place that is known for enchantment and witchcraft, Siquijor brags its mystical coral reefs where scuba jumpers and snorkelers go for best plunging spots. This Island of Fire is situated in Central Visayas.

2. Puerto Galera


Puerto Galera


In this excellent shoreline resort group, you can appreciate the white sands to grainy or stony ones. Besides being a standout amongst the most well-known shorelines in the Philippines, Puerto Galera is additionally renowned for its coral reefs. It has an assortment of jump destinations, for example, wreck, profound, float and so on. Scuba jumpers needed to visit and make the plunge this spot. By authority Puerto Galera site, it is evaluated that there are more than 3000 types of fish and marine creatures off Puerto Galera that is around half more than the Red Sea.

The more than 40 plunge locales ranges from agreeable such as the Verde Island to the gutsy and hazardous ones like the Washing Machine. To jump and see the corals and fishes, go to Sabang.

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3. Balicasag Island




Situated in Bohol, you can watch the dolphins hopping out of the water. You can appreciate eating crisp gets of squids and fishes in the wake of making the plunge the marine underworld. With its completely clear waters and wonderful reef, you will never get used to going by it the length of its magnificence is still kept up.

4. Honda Bay



Honda Bay Palawan


Honda Bay is situated in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Island Hopping and snorkeling can be both delighted in here. You don't have to jump profound to see astonishing corals and fishes.

5. Anilao


Anilao Philippines


In spite of that Anilao is situated in Mabini, Batangas, numerous scuba jumpers from Manila are setting off to this spot. With only 2 hours of driving from the south of Manila, you don't need to go too far to experience seeing the superb, bright and wonderful submerged scenes. It has likewise a rich marine life.

6. Apo Reef


Apo Reef


Being the world's second-biggest adjacent coral reef framework, the biggest in the Philippines and a UNESCO legacy site, Apo Reef Natural Park has a high and world-class physical vegetation, differing qualities of corals and marine life. Apo Reef is the biggest atoll-like reef in the nation. The islands here have mangroves and angling in the reef is banned since it is a water ensured region.

Apo reef can be found inside of the waters of Occidental Mindoro and West Philippine Sea.

7. Tubbataha Reef


Tubbataha Reef


Additionally,  a UNESCO legacy site, Tubataha Reef can be found in Palawan inside of the waters of Sulu Sea. It is a secured range same as Apo Reef. In view of its confined area, this reef can be gone by through riding an ocean vehicle. CNN positions this as one of the main 8 world's jumping destinations.

With its amazing water landscapes, splendid biodiversity, and energetic marine creatures, jumpers and voyagers will never turn out badly on going to this water heaven. Researchers and sea life scholars are entranced by its marine life and they go here to search for marine living beings and to examine the coral reef arrangement.


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