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11 Hidden Beaches in the Philippines

Breathtaking Places

11 Hidden Beaches in the Philippines

1. Calaguas Islands in Camarines Norte

Hidden beaches

Getting to this pristine destination is not as simple, but rather individuals are willing to bear the long voyage just to relax on this long extend of shoreline, particularly on the Long Beach, which is touted to as best in the nation. The reasonable water and immaculate white sand are only the principal sign of one of the Philippines' best. While there are different visit bundles to Calaguas, one other route is to travel to the closest air terminal, at Naga.

2. Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor

Hidden beaches

From the minute you come to the Siquijor Port range, you definitely know you're in for a decent time! The enchanted Siquijor Island has a considerable measure to offer, from frosty springs to waterfalls to white sand shorelines. We prescribe procuring an aide, else you ought to dependably approach a neighborhood for the right headings. Once that has been succeed, you'd be compensated with a fabulous perspective of the enormous rock developments and turquoise water. This detached shoreline is ideal for those embarking so as to look for experience on an overnight outdoors trip; there are days where Kagusuan Beach is totally forsaken. You can get to Siquijor by traveling to Dumaguete.

3. Sta. Cruz Grande in Zamboanga

Hidden beaches

Is there such an incredible concept as a pink island? The answer is YES! Sta. Cruz Grande looks pink from a far distance, because of its squashed red corals that mix in with the sand. Be that as it may, not only beautiful for picture takers, in the event that you adore plunging and snorkeling, you will make the most of your stay here as well. Be that as it may, because of wellbeing concerns, it is an unquestionable requirement to arrange your stay with the City Tourism Office of Zamboanga in the first place, before making travel arrangements and booking your flight here to the range.

4. Britania Islands in Surigao del Sur

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Hidden beaches

Somewhere else Mindanao is totally pleased with is the Britania Islands. Arriving implies you have to take a six hour drive from Davao City, or four to five hours from Butuan City, then take a bike or habal-habal ride. The experience of arriving will be totally justified, despite all the trouble, with six islands to see! Browse Naked Island, Hiyor-Hiyoran Island, Buslon Island, Panlangagan Islands (or Twin Islands) and Hagonoy. The best part? Travelers haven't yet found the Britania Group of Islands, so it's best to go now!

5. Tambobong Beach in Dasol, Pangasinan

Hidden beaches

Pangasinan has a considerable measure to offer with regards to stunning shorelines. One of the concealed fortunes of the region is Tambobong Beach, which is situated in a Barangay of the same name in Dasol town. Rent a tricycle in Burgos Market and set off on a rough however energizing 40-minute voyage to this white sand shoreline. Be arranged for the totally staggering heaven that is standing by! You could likewise visit Culebra Island, Cabacungan Cove and Osmena Cave, when you're not staying at an annuity house or homestay inside of the Pangasinan region.


Maniwaya island, Marinduque

Let’s explore and experience the simple pleasures that this island can offer!

Maniwaya island in Marinduque is one of the beaches that is hidden, the beige coloured beaches of the island appeals to most travellers who would like to be excluded. The island is surrounded by more popular beach destinations located in nearby town and province, and its exclusivity is one of the strongest points of this lesser known destination. Maniwaya island attract attention because of its white sandy beach, disappearing sandbar and other nearby attractions that will surely capture your love for the salt water and nature. With its accessibility, Maniwaya island is a favorite getaway of those who are based in Manila and nearby provinces. It is a great prelude to the heart of the Country, an experience that will surely satisfy the cravings of every person for the sea and of course the best way to escape from the summer heat and City. Simple yet priceless experience!


Anguib beach is really a paradise! You will be in awe with the spectacular scenery that will welcome you when you reach the beach. Anguib beach is a certified heaven to relax and recharge the inner batteries of everyone’s self. The shoreline is dotted with tall trees, toilets and cottages and shower areas were installed to cater everyone. The white sand, crystal clear salt water, and the waves so much much calmer. Because it is still hidden expect that Beach is uncrowded-ness. You will gladly enjoy and have so much more time basking on the sand, forget everything about a moment, be with a very peaceful and quiet nature that will surely take your breath away. 


Tikling island is being considered as one of the magnificent beaches of the Philippines. Even rainy seasons the island never masks the beauty of the island, the scenic look of green vegetation and glooming pink beach will captures the heart of every visitors. The island can be spotted and as the boat sails nearer to the island one can catch a glimpse of the blue waves leading to the shores of the super fine white sands laid in front of the stretched green trees. Once the boat reaches the shores it will surprise you to discover that the finest sandy beach does not have any ordinary sand like any other beach but instead the sands gloom with light pink color due to the scattering of the tiniest pink corals on the shore. When we decided to have a vacation, the first thing that comes to our mind is BEACHES, because beaches are the perfect place for relaxation and draw a sense of joy and divine feeling to everyone of us. Tikling island may not be as popular as Boracay or any other beaches but it is equally beautiful. The island is privately owned although day tours are welcomed. 


What makes Guisi Beach unique and charming is its rugged beachscape, aquamarine waters and the rock formations. And because it is a beach it is an ideal place to rest, relax and unwind. You will be in awe as you see the inspiring coastline of the Guisi Beach and you will be rewarded for the toilsome journey upon the arrival to the secluded part of the island. It is amazing by how transparent the water, making the rocks and pebbles underwater visible. Because the sand is not powdery like the sand of Boracay and any other beaches but it’s golden yellow color makes it unique on its own. The turquoise water and yellowish texture of the sand create a seascape of varying shades of green. Your day will be perfect to swim and snorkel because the water is so peaceful and calm. 


Romblon is famous for marble and other souvenirs product, but not only that, because Romblon island has a lot to offer most especially to people who love beaches, some are hidden and one of those is Bonbon beach. Bonbon beach is the best beach in the province of Romblon and the sandbar makes it an iconic location in the region. The beach is just 5 kilometers away from the downtown. The beach has fine white sands, crystal clear cool waters, swaying trees, and a beautiful sunrise and sunset.


Carabao is one of the virgin islands right around the corner from the famous Boracay Island in the Province of Romblon. Mostly, travellers, tourists take the awesome day trip from Boracay at some stage but it’s actually a perfect spot for a multi-day adventure, away from the crowds.

Carabao island has white sand, with turquoise clear salt waters. There are less than ten thousand people who live in Carabao, so expect that it’s a quiet place with hardly any cars on the island, with motorbike and boat are a popular form of transportation. 

Carabao Island offers totally what's the opposite of Boracay’s life, sand, sea, sun and serenity a total place for relaxation and vacation. Experience a virgin paradise and one hour away from Boracay wherein you can climb a bent coconut tree, watching the rising and how the sun set and listen to the very calm waves that will surely give you pleasure. Cliff  jumping is a must try in Carabao Island. There are 2 awesome spots to send some backflips but it’s not just cliff jumping there are loads of other things to do on Carabao Island. You can now enjoy the scenery of the beach because it  is  now open to the public. Because the island are less explored, it is less congested and you can surely enjoy the moment on your own without all the distractions that could possibly surround you if you go to a mainstream destination.

#PhilippinesTravelSite – Malalison Island, Antique#PhilippinesTravelSite – Exploring Malalison Island, Antique

Posted by Philippinestravelsite on Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Posted by Philippines Travel Site 

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