Tourism Destination: Strange Food Manila Philippines

Tourism Destination: Strange Food Manila Philippines – Life in the Philippines is fun. Filipinos really love to eat! With regards to food, Filipinos can easily provide something exotic to your taste buds. When you’re fed up of eating the usual cuisine often served in restaurants, create a checklist and then try these Filipino exotic food that are truly worth trying.

Strange Food Manila

1. Butete Tugak (Pampanga) – delicious deep-fried frogs filled with ground pork.

2. Abuos (Ilocos) – an Ilocos delicacy composed of ant egg, often served as “adobo”, sauteed along with garlic, or perhaps consumed raw.

3. Ginataang kuhol – called native snail cooked properly in coconut milk.

4. Adobong kamaru (Pampanga) – these are mole crickets cooked as adobo or even deep-fried.

5. Nueva Ecija’s Adobong Salagubang – Filipinos make the food as an appetizer or pulutan means beer match composed of june bugs.

If you are in the Philippines, what would you choose for dinner?

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