dinagyang 2016

Dinagyang Festival 2016, Iloilo City

Ati-Atihan festival

  The figures in splendid hues were a piece of the props of 10 contending bunches in the Kasadyahan territorial social celebration. The exhibitions showcased commonplace and civil celebrations and in addition their way of life and lifestyle. Negros Occidental was spoken to by the Masskara Festival of Bacolod City and Pinta Flores Festival of [...]

Kasadyahan Festival 2016, Iloilo City

Kasadyahan Festival

In the event that one of Iloilo's celebrations an extraordinary fun, what might a bundle of them at one time be similar to? Iloilo is one that completely comprehends the significance of safeguarding its rich history and numerous one of a kind social flavors. Iloilo has the greatest and most-delayed social festivals in the nation. [...]