Explore Igbaras, Iloilo


IGBARAS - Home of Natural Wonders

Explore Igbaras – IGBARAS, Iloilo is actually filled with arts, culture as well as outdoor experience, plus a wealthy history. It can be a the place to find popular destinations like caves, cascades as well as the rare flora gardens having varied outdoor recreation that is certainly guaranteed to delight visitors of any age and interests.

Explore Igbaras

The high mountain view resort of Igbaras in Sitio Pasong is the mountain resort-style having spectacular views overlooking the green mountain ranges of Igbaras as well as Tubungan; the Tangyan River; the beautiful Guimbal seascape and the island of Guimaras.


Hidden quietly among the scenic views is waiting for finely appointed guest rooms located on the point of a private mountain ridge. It is surrounded by extraordinary mountain backdrops and picturesque views that provide an ideal setting for rest and relaxation.

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