Experience Bohol

When you miss the Bohol rivers, you are also missing the most impressive part of the island!


Here are the best you must do in Bohol;


Loboc River Tour – one can experience a floating dinning/karaoke boats which is perfect for families or perhaps anyone, alone or with a group, in spite of your know-how in standing on the paddle board. Mostly, visitors went together with a group which had never experienced a SUP and so they all acquired the practice of it quickly along with a great time.


Full moon paddle/firefly paddle – the ideal time to do this kind of adventure is during the night usually a full moon. One can sense a peaceful, beautiful evening. Due to the light coming from the full moon, there was fewer fireflies, however the river have also been illuminated by the moon that has been beautiful.


Abatan River Tour – simply an amazing tour! This is one of the favorite from the 3 tours, but they’re unique in every way. The Abatan River towns have got a community-based tourism as well as it is amazing that SUP Philippines provides this kind of tour in working together with local communities that sets funds to the wallets of local people from tourism.

You will never forget the adventure in this beautiful place. For your next visit, bring lots of friends to enjoy more. Experience Bohol!

Introducing: Our Paddle Center in Bohol from SUP Tours Philippines on Vimeo.
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