City Time Square Iloilo is located at Gaisano City Center, Benigno Aquino Ave. Diversion Road, Mandurriao Iloilo City, Philippines.   It is a modern architectural and landscape wonder and pavilions.  The splendor of wide variety of business affairs from, fine dining to resto-bars, entertainment enterprises to one stop-shop ventures, which gives the sophisticated pleasures that [...]

Laswitan Falls

I am fascinated when I visited Laswitan Falls in Cortes, Surigao del Sur.     It looks like an ocean waterfalls. However upon looking closely and finding out about it, how does a waterfall end up being on the shore along with the Pacific Ocean at the back?     So the fascination started. Here [...]

dangerous roads in the world

You’ll never have a feeling of adventure when you have acrophobia or intense fear of heights. We will provide you one of the dangerous roads in the world you need to visit before you die and you need to manage your fear. This fear will likely prevent from traveling and discover different breath-taking locations from distant [...]

Top 10 World-Class Resorts in Philippines

World-Class Resort in Philippines – Named after the Sanskrit word for peace, aman, and the Tagalog word for island, Amanpulo is a serene retreat offering the pure white sands, turquoise seas and endless blue sky where the archipelago of the Philippines is famous. The entire island of Pamalican is dedicated to Amanpulo, by seven square [...]

Ten Attractions in Visayas

Ten Attractions in Visayas – The Visayas is a very calm area surrounded by beautiful beaches, caves and mountains. It is an ideal destination for relaxation and it is very well known as the “Islands of travelers” in the Philippines. 1. Boracay Boracay is undoubtedly the most visited in the middle of the tourist spots [...]

Ten Water Forms In the Philippines You Must Visit

Ten Water Forms In the Philippines You Must Visit – The water is any significant accumulation of water, usually covering the surface of a planet similar to Earth. Not necessarily inert or an enclosed body of water; rivers, streams, canals, watercourses, channels and other attributes geographically where the water flows from one place to another [...]

For those who love nature and adventure, it is difficult to resist the drama, in a more dangerous occasion. Trekking and occasionally “tax Life”, it just makes stunning views of cascading water thundering down into a calm pool is the Waterfalls In The Philippines. Discover the Niagara Falls of the Philippines and other waterfalls:   [...]

Top 10 Beach Resorts in Pagudpud

Pagudpud is a humble municipality of Ilocos Norte, and is located in terrible northern end of Luzon, the main island. It also offers some of the most priceless experience of a person’s life by the sea. 1. Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort Since the Pagupdpud facing the West Philippine Sea, you can expect that all [...]

Top 6 Cebu Souvenirs or Gifts

Cebu souvenirs – Cebu is known for its native delicacies such as dried mangoes, otap, Rosquillos and masareal. Many tourists know the best gift to bring home. The secret to getting the best product to buy from leading manufacturers. Here is a list of products and specialty of Cebu where you can get it. Top [...]

Top 10 Places to Visit in Albay Philippines

Albay Philippines attractions, whether natural or constructed wonders, are easily accessible by private or public transport.With so numerous places to visit and activities to experience in Albay, Albayanos recommend that you start with these must-see attractions. Top 10 Places to Visit in Albay Philippines 1. Mayon Volcano The volcano in the world has a cone as [...]