Laswitan Falls

    It looks like an ocean waterfalls. However upon looking closely and finding out about it, how does a waterfall end up being on the shore along with the Pacific Ocean at the back?     1.The Pacific Ocean waves on the 20-foot black limestone outcroppings is really awesome.   2. The waves hover [...]

dangerous roads in the world

This fear will likely prevent from traveling and discover different breath-taking locations from distant areas all over the world. When you have that fear, even though we have pavement that provide risk-free passage and cars, even the most secure and most strong road can feel a bit frightening to you.     See this rail [...]

Top 10 World-Class Resorts in Philippines

The entire island of Pamalican is dedicated to Amanpulo, by seven square kilometers of a pristine coral reef and lapped by the tranquil Sulu Sea. Palawan, Philippines Amanpulo is an high-class island-resort on Pamalican Island in Palawan, Philippines. It is owned by 7 Seas Resort, Inc.,a joint speculation between the Aboitiz, Soriano and the Aman Resorts [...]

Ten Attractions in Visayas

Boracay is undoubtedly the most visited in the middle of the tourist spots in the Visayas. This is the favorite hangout of famous celebrities and tourists. It boasts white sand beaches and extraordinary nightlife. It is located in Malay, Aklan, Philippines. The Lake Balanan is a mysterious lake that existed due to a 6.8 magnitude [...]

Ten Water Forms In the Philippines You Must Visit

The Kayangan Lake is one of two lakes in Coron island (out of 8 lakes) open to the public. There is a steep 10-15 minutes uphill climb approximately 300 steps towards an  inland lake. Midway through May ascent is a view deck overlooking the lagoon. Honda Bay (Spanish: Bahía Honda, "deep bay") exist a bay [...]

  Cebu is not only known for Sinulog and their famous crispy lechon,it also is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. A relatively unknown is the Inambakan Falls in South Cebu.  This is popular among tourists for diving and whale shark watching, but very small travelers get to notice and swim [...]

Top 10 Beach Resorts in Pagudpud

Since the Pagupdpud facing the West Philippine Sea, you can expect that all of its beaches are the best. The Pannzian Beach is no exception. While you're here, enjoy your stay and relax on the beach side. Order a Filipino dish is freshly made from the resort's own garden. Do not expect WiFi connection or [...]

Top 6 Cebu Souvenirs or Gifts

  Although there are many companies manufacturing dried mango all over the Philippines, Cebu is known as the first and best source of these healthy and tasty snack.   The Otap is a crisp, flaky and sweet-anointed biscuit that is a specialty of Shamrock Bakery and Restaurant Corporation in Cebu.   The definition is titay [...]

Top 10 Places to Visit in Albay Philippines

1. Mayon Volcano The volcano in the world has a cone as perfectly shaped as Mayon. Towering at almost 8,000 feet above sea level, it repose at the center of the three cities and 15 towns of Albay. Mayon’s name was derived from the local word “Magayon,” which means beautiful. The volcano is one of [...]

Top 10 Special Features of Puerto Princesa Philippines

Puerto Princesa town, a tropical paradise with a bustling urban center perfect for business with leisure trips. Lush rainforests and white sand beaches are only hours away from the city proper, where a banking and commercial boom has made life easier for workaholics who can never run left from the office. Myth attributes the name [...]