Philippine Airlines

PAL said its direct flights in the middle of Cebu and Los Angeles is planned to begin on March 15. These flights, as indicated by PAL, will associate Iloilo to Cebu flights and the other way around to give the since a long time ago clamored for travel comfort of voyaging people in Western Visayas. [...]

Chinese New Year 2016 kicks off

Chinese New Year 2016

      January 27 will just as be energizing 2pm-5pm at the Occasion Center with the Chinese Tea Leaf Perusing with Alex Angeles, while the Iloilo City Chinese Business Secondary School will do the Mythical serpent and Lion Move 10am at the Upper ground floor on January 28 and a Chinese Crystal gazing Figure with [...]

anti-domestic violence law Beijing, China

anti-domestic violence law Beijing, China — China’s first-ever law against domestic violence fails to cover some potential victims and has taken too long to pass, campaigners said Monday after it was approved at the weekend. The standing committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s rubber-stamp legislature, adopted Sunday the Anti-Domestic Violence Law, which defines family abuse [...]

ASAP: Stop Eating TILAPIA Before It’s Too Late


Apparently, Indeed! Tilapia was found being more harmful to your health than several of the more well known meat like pork and beef. This fish we’re eating is totally a cultured fish, meaning, you can’t find un cultured Tilapia in all supermarkets or on any restaurant menus. They consume a delicious diet of algae and other plants, but [...]

Homeless Filipino Boy

“We’re overjoyed, I don’t know what I will do with all of these blessings.” Said his stunned mother Christina Espinosa, a grocery store worker who makes less than $2 a day.      The picture on this pupil, Daniel Cabrera, went viral soon after a passerby published his photo on Facebook last month. The picture was shared [...]

CHR alarms on Davao Death Squad copycats

Death Squad copycats

  He said, "The Davao Death Squad has spawned copycat activities in other key cities in Mindanao and even here in Luzon...It is a worrisome trend. We see that in Tagum, Cagayan de Oro and other cities in Mindanao. This cannot be a policy of the state whether the national or local government."     [...]

Filipino nurse

Chua, who named himself an 'angel turned evil', was charged with killing Tracey Arden, 44, as well as Derek Weaver, 83, but cleared of murdering Arnold Lancaster, 71. Authorities fear he wasn't a fully licensed nurse following they discovered 3 various versions of his medical school document in the Philippines and assume he got somebody [...]

In the statement published on the internet recently, the country’s transportation department declared that it would post additional information this week. The step comes somewhat more than a year following Uber introduced its service within Metro Manila, the nation’s capital, and after a few months of operating within the Philippines with no formal regulations.   [...]