Philippine Airlines

PAL’s new administration interfaces Iloilo and US – Philippine Airlines Banner transporter Philippine Airlines (PAL) is set to acquaint its new administration with Iloilo on February 10. PAL said its direct flights in the middle of Cebu and Los Angeles is planned to begin on March 15. These flights, as indicated by PAL, will associate Iloilo [...]

Chinese New Year 2016 kicks off

Chinese New Year 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 kicks off Chinese New Year 2016 – On January 24, the Philippine Kong Han Athletic Club Iloilo Section wushu display will perform 3pm at the Occasion Center, while on January 25 the Sun Yat Sen Secondary School will have a presentation named “Grasping the Spring Celebration with Celebration”, same time at [...]

anti-domestic violence law Beijing, China

anti-domestic violence law Beijing, China — China’s first-ever law against domestic violence fails to cover some potential victims and has taken too long to pass, campaigners said Monday after it was approved at the weekend. The standing committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s rubber-stamp legislature, adopted Sunday the Anti-Domestic Violence Law, which defines family abuse [...]

ASAP: Stop Eating TILAPIA Before It’s Too Late


farm raised tilapia – Tilapia is everybody’s favorite. It’s inexpensive, does not have that bad taste, it’s skinless, boneless, and easy to cook. However, could there be a negative side to this fish? Apparently, Indeed! Tilapia was found being more harmful to your health than several of the more well known meat like pork and [...]

Homeless Filipino Boy

This picture of a 9-year-old homeless Filipino boy trying to do assignments in the road, beneath the dim light of a close by McDonald’s, has caused global donations. “We’re overjoyed, I don’t know what I will do with all of these blessings.” Said his stunned mother Christina Espinosa, a grocery store worker who makes less than [...]

CHR alarms on Davao Death Squad copycats

Death Squad copycats

Death Squad copycats – On Monday, the Commission on Human Rights confirmed the fact that killing of criminals by the Davao Death Squad is currently being copied in some other cities.   CHR alarms on Davao Death Squad copycats – Marc Titus Cebreros, the CHR officer-in-charge confirmed the copycat killings, that he termed a “worrisome [...]

Filipino nurse

Filipino nurse murdered 2 patients – A ‘devil’ Filipino nurse in UK who killed 2 patients and poisoned 20 other people was working in an NHS hospital for many years with no proper qualifications, was revealed today. Filipino nurse murdered 2 patients – Victorino Chua, 49, a serial killer secretly injected lethal insulin levels into saline bags [...]

The Philippines Just Made Uber Legal Everywhere Stats Reveal All – Recently, the Philppines become the first country to develop nationwide ride-hailing regulations, which makes it legal for app-based transport services such as Uber operate any place in the nation. In the statement published on the internet recently, the country’s transportation department declared that it would post [...]