#GOLDENDINAGYANG: CLASSES in all levels of public schools in Iloilo City are suspended today, Jan 12, 2018, starting 12 p.m. for the ILOILO DINAGYANG FESTIVAL 2018 – OPENING SALVO       Mayor Jose Espinosa III ordered the suspension through Executive Order No. 7 he signed Thursday afternoon. The suspension of classes, Espinosa said, is necessary as [...]

Best Places to Spend a Honeymoon

You’ve dated with her for quite a long time for you to ask that very question “Will you marry me?”. No matter how casual your relationship is, you need to think a few steps farther, even if she says that she doesn’t expect anything from you.   The question that usually bugs those who are [...]

BANANA FESTIVAL 2017 – A banana harvest festival that opens on the first day of April, showcasing the different varieties of banana which is abundant in the municipality of La Castellana, Negros Occidental. History Of The Town The town used to be known as “Lapak”, and was then under the jurisdiction of Marayo, now Pontevedra.  [...]

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in The Philippines – 2017

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in The Philippines

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in The Philippines :  We all know travel is best when you have a few insider tips about what to see, do, and eat, as well as what to avoid.   When it comes time for you to start planning a trip, you may wonder where to start. There are many [...]

Ten Attractions in Visayas

Ten Attractions in Visayas – The Visayas is a very calm area surrounded by beautiful beaches, caves and mountains. It is an ideal destination for relaxation and it is very well known as the “Islands of travelers” in the Philippines. 1. Boracay Boracay is undoubtedly the most visited in the middle of the tourist spots [...]

Delicious Dining in Bacolod City

Delicious Dining in Bacolod City – The city’s name comes from an English word that “Bacolod” meaning Stonehill been a residence in 1770 on a rocky hill that is now the district of Granada. 1. Market Pub Whenever you hear the word “Pub” The very first thing you want to associate with that word “beer.” [...]

Ten Interesting Philippine Folk Dances

Ten Interesting Philippine Folk Dances – The Philippines is rich in cultural heritage which includes a diverse collection of traditional dances. From well-known national dance of Tinikling, which pays homage to the movement of a much-loved bird dance that reflects the elements of everyday life of the Philippines, the folk dances offer a glimpse into [...]

Top 10 Beach Resorts in Pagudpud

Pagudpud is a humble municipality of Ilocos Norte, and is located in terrible northern end of Luzon, the main island. It also offers some of the most priceless experience of a person’s life by the sea. 1. Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort Since the Pagupdpud facing the West Philippine Sea, you can expect that all [...]

Ten Things You Can Do in Cebu Philippines

You Can Do in Cebu Philippines – Tourist spots, attractions and things to do and experience. Ten Things You Can Do in Cebu Philippines   1. Pray in the Basilica del Sto. Niño   Located along Osmeña Boulevard, this is one of the most prominent landmarks in Cebu. It was founded in the 16th century [...]

The 8 Oldest Schools and Universities in the Philippines – The Philippines is a country prosperous in history and culture. With more than 300 years of inhabit by the Spaniards, it is not surprising to find traces of the Spaniards even in modern times, especially in schools and universities established way back in the late [...]