Travel Tips

Have a trustworthy guide as much as possible. It helps if you know someone there because they know people who know people. Safe people. Maybe ask your hotel for a tour guide. But if you go on your own, ask the right people for information – hotel concierge, airport officials, information centres. Travel South. Get [...]

Endangered Species

Assuredly, we've all found out about the situation of the dinosaurs, of the forceful T-Rex and the entire group of goliath reptiles who were eradicated despite the Earth. Despite the fact that that might come as a mammoth alleviation to you and absolutely to every one of us (we've be covered in a matter of [...]

Traditional Costumes of the Philippines

Traditional Costumes of the Philippines

  Barong Tagalog for Men     It is worn over a Chinese collarless shirt called camisa de Chino. It displays the free, long lines of its Chinese sources, the breezy tropical appearance of Indo-Malay ensemble, the extended impact of Hindu dressing, furthermore, the elaborate limitation of European men's attire. Today, barong tagalong can originate from various materials [...]

Popular Filipino Dishes

Filipino dishes

    Kaldereta Kaldereta is a dish prominent in the Philippines, particularly in Luzon. Its basic fixings are cuts of pork, hamburger or goat with tomato glue or tomato sauce with liver spread added to it. This is a true Filipino dish. Ensured! Sisig Sisig alludes to Sizzling sisig, a Filipino dish produced using parts [...]

Greased Bamboo Climbing – Filipino Game

Greased Bamboo Climbing

Palo Sebo or Palosebo (Greased Bamboo Climbing) is a customary Filipino amusement that includes climbing a lubed bamboo with ones uncovered hands and feet to get the banner on of it. The player who achieves the top, gets the banner, and conveys it withdraw to the ground, is proclaimed the champ and will be given [...]

World’s Best Trip Boracay, Philippines

World's Best Trip

World's Best Trip - Even small islands like Koh Samui have become mainstream, Boracay Philippines, may be one of the last undiscovered Asian beach getaways. The inviting sandy-shored speck can be reached through a regular hour-long flight journey from Manila to Caticlan, then by a 10-minute ferry ride. When you arrive, visit the talcum-soft White Beach, that [...]