Travel Tips

Travel Tips – Safe travel guides to the Philippines Have a trustworthy guide as much as possible. It helps if you know someone there because they know people who know people. Safe people. Maybe ask your hotel for a tour guide. But if you go on your own, ask the right people for information – [...]

Endangered Species

Top 5 Most Endangered Species in the  Philippines – In the event that creation began with a couple of all-stripped Adam and Eve that was messed up with a talking snake, then certain species in the Philippines are gradually drawing closer that point in their presence. Going to be demolished to elimination and being lessened [...]

Traditional Costumes of the Philippines

Traditional Costumes of the Philippines

  Traditional Costumes of the Philippines Barong Tagalog for Men     Traditional Costumes of the Philippines – Barong Tagalog, the official national outfit of Filipino men,started from the northern part of the Philippines, and is initially made of jusi or pineapple fabric called “pina” (woven from pineapple takes off). It is worn over a Chinese [...]

Popular Filipino Dishes

Filipino dishes

Filipino Dishes – “You know you’re Filipino when you utilize a spoon and fork rather than a blade and fork. “This is on the grounds that the Filipino dinner dependably has rice, which is spooned into the mouth, spoon in the right hand, fork in the left. Filipino’s affection to eat a dish with rice.     [...]

Greased Bamboo Climbing – Filipino Game

Greased Bamboo Climbing

Greased Bamboo Climbing – Filipino Game Palo Sebo or Palosebo (Greased Bamboo Climbing) is a customary Filipino amusement that includes climbing a lubed bamboo with ones uncovered hands and feet to get the banner on of it. The player who achieves the top, gets the banner, and conveys it withdraw to the ground, is proclaimed [...]

World’s Best Trip Boracay, Philippines

World's Best Trip

 World’s Best Trip Boracay, Philippines World’s Best Trip – Even small islands like Koh Samui have become mainstream, Boracay Philippines, may be one of the last undiscovered Asian beach getaways. The inviting sandy-shored speck can be reached through a regular hour-long flight journey from Manila to Caticlan, then by a 10-minute ferry ride. When you arrive, visit [...]