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How to Go to Simala Church? – Our Journey to Simala Shrine Cebu

It was a cloudy morning of the 13th of September 2018 when my travel buddy and I, scheduled to set off to our Cebu adventure – Simala Shrine. Leaving Elegant Circle Inn Cebu City an hour past lunch, we took a [...]

September 23, 2018 Churches

66 Visa-Free Countries for Filipino Travelers

Good news! Filipino Passport Holders can now enjoy traveling this 2018 to 66 countries around the world visa-free. While the country is still in the lower half of the worldwide scale, it should be noted that the Philippines can access [...]

July 2, 2018 Travel


#GOLDENDINAGYANG: CLASSES in all levels of public schools in Iloilo City are suspended today, Jan 12, 2018, starting 12 p.m. for the ILOILO DINAGYANG FESTIVAL 2018 – OPENING SALVO       Mayor Jose Espinosa III ordered the suspension through Executive Order [...]

January 13, 2018 Festivals

Best Places to Spend a Honeymoon

You've dated with her for quite a long time for you to ask that very question “Will you marry me?”. No matter how casual your relationship is, you need to think a few steps farther, even if she says that [...]

December 12, 2017 General


City Time Square Iloilo is located at Gaisano City Center, Benigno Aquino Ave. Diversion Road, Mandurriao Iloilo City, Philippines.   It is a modern architectural and landscape wonder and pavilions.  The splendor of wide variety of business affairs from, fine [...]

October 14, 2017 Travel

BANANA FESTIVAL 2017 – La Castellana, Negros Occidental

BANANA FESTIVAL 2017 – A banana harvest festival that opens on the first day of April, showcasing the different varieties of banana which is abundant in the municipality of La Castellana, Negros Occidental. History Of The Town The town used [...]

April 4, 2017 General

The 45th Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival 2017

When visiting Iloilo City, you will witness the Paraw Regatta which is the oldest festival in Asia, and the premier sailing festival in the Philippines.     The Paraw Regatta Foundation in Iloilo currently sets up the activities, with best [...]

February 22, 2017 Festivals
Laswitan Falls

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Laswitan Falls And Lagoon In Cortez, Surigao del Sur

I am fascinated when I visited Laswitan Falls in Cortes, Surigao del Sur.     It looks like an ocean waterfalls. However upon looking closely and finding out about it, how does a waterfall end up being on the shore [...]

February 7, 2017 Travel
Top 10 Tourist Destinations in The Philippines

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in The Philippines – 2017

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in The Philippines :  We all know travel is best when you have a few insider tips about what to see, do, and eat, as well as what to avoid.   When it comes time for [...]

January 31, 2017 General, TOP 10 Updates
Tribu salognon

Dinagyang Festival 2017 Winners

Full List Of Dinagyang Festival 2017 Winners MAJOR AWARDS Champion –Tribu Salognon of Jaro National High School 1st runner-up –Tribu Panayanon of Iloilo City National High School 2nd runner-up –Tribu Ilonganon of Jalandoni Memorial National High School 3rd runner-up –Tribu [...]

January 25, 2017 Festivals

Iloilo City Celebrates Dinagyang Festival 2017 [VIDEOS]

Dinagyang is an Iloilo version of the Ati-Atihan festival generally celebrated not just in Panay Island but as well as in various parts of the country. It might not be as old as the in Kalibo Aklan Ati Atihan, but [...]

January 25, 2017 Festivals

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival 2017 Opening Salvo [VIDEOS]

Iloilo Dinagyang Festival is an important event in the Philippines. It’s marked on the 4th Sunday of January every year, right after Sinulog. Witness the Opening Salvo of Dinagyang 2017. Dinagyang 2017 Opening Salvo – Tribu Ilonganon Part 1   [...]

January 6, 2017 Festivals
dangerous roads in the world

This Road Reaching The Top Of The Mountain Will Truly Get Your Heart Beat Faster

You'll never have a feeling of adventure when you have acrophobia or intense fear of heights. We will provide you one of the dangerous roads in the world you need to visit before you die and you need to manage your [...]

November 8, 2016 Travel

Top 10 World-Class Resorts in Philippines

World-Class Resort in Philippines – Named after the Sanskrit word for peace, aman, and the Tagalog word for island, Amanpulo is a serene retreat offering the pure white sands, turquoise seas and endless blue sky where the archipelago of the [...]

October 20, 2016 Travel

Ten Attractions in Visayas

Ten Attractions in Visayas – The Visayas is a very calm area surrounded by beautiful beaches, caves and mountains. It is an ideal destination for relaxation and it is very well known as the “Islands of travelers” in the Philippines. [...]

October 18, 2016 General, Travel

Delicious Dining in Bacolod City

Delicious Dining in Bacolod City – The city's name comes from an English word that “Bacolod” meaning Stonehill been a residence in 1770 on a rocky hill that is now the district of Granada. 1. Market Pub Whenever you hear [...]

October 17, 2016 General

Ten Water Forms In the Philippines You Must Visit

Ten Water Forms In the Philippines You Must Visit – The water is any significant accumulation of water, usually covering the surface of a planet similar to Earth. Not necessarily inert or an enclosed body of water; rivers, streams, canals, [...]

October 13, 2016 Travel

Ten Interesting Philippine Folk Dances

Ten Interesting Philippine Folk Dances – The Philippines is rich in cultural heritage which includes a diverse collection of traditional dances. From well-known national dance of Tinikling, which pays homage to the movement of a much-loved bird dance that reflects [...]

October 12, 2016 General

Top 10 Waterfalls In The Philippines That You Should Visit

For those who love nature and adventure, it is difficult to resist the drama, in a more dangerous occasion. Trekking and occasionally “tax Life”, it just makes stunning views of cascading water thundering down into a calm pool is the [...]

October 10, 2016 Travel

Bulalo Recipe – Lutong Pinoy

Try it Bulalo recipe and let me know what you think.The beef soup consists of shank with bone marrow still inside the bone, the Bulalo is considered one of the most favorite main dish of the Philippines. Due to the [...]

October 10, 2016 Food


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